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''Amazing Race'': No Revenge For Nerds

By RD Heldenfels Published: April 5, 2006

Before tonight's telecast, I was thinking that we were about due for a non-elimination round. Too bad that it wasn't, since Dave and Lori -- the sweet nerds -- finished last, and now are gone. At the top of the heap: Eric and Jeremy again, followed by B.J. and Tyler, showing once again that those two teams have a better overall handle on the game than the other contenders.

I'm impressed by Fran and Barry, who are not merely hanging on but proving strongly competitive. But I like all the contestants right now, so I can live with people getting kicked off because the others are still appealing.

And I was SO glad to have the show at 8 o'clock tonight, a time slot where it's easier to find and remember. ''Race'' knew, too, that it might have a returning audience, since the opening recap covered the season to date, not just the previous week's events.

Still, the DVRs were whirring at 8, with ''Amazing Race,'' ''One Tree Hill,'' ''Bones'' and (because I needed to check on a local contestant) ''Deal or No Deal.'' Right now I'm watching ''American Idol'' (and thank you to everyone checking out the ''Idol'' podcasts, with another coming later tonight). And recording ''Lost.'' I'd also be DVR'ing ''Veronica Mars,'' only it's pre-empted locally again for a Cleveland Cavs telecast. Please respect my cone of silence regarding ''VM'' plot developments.

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