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"Amazing Race": Plane In Vain

By admin Published: January 6, 2008

Tonight's notes and results after the jump.

It looked bad for likable TK and Rachel, who made a terrible flight connection, landing in Osaka hours after the other three teams. They were lucky that it was a non-elimination leg. But, as Phil pointed out at the end of the show, they're three hours behind the other teams and will face the "speed bump" -- the extra task for a team that has finished last on a non-elimination.

The airplane disaster shows once again how you can outsmart yourself by not being specific enough. They asked repeatedly if they were on the earliest flight but did not press enough for the earliest arrival. And they apparently did not look at how many stops they would have to make (where Ronald warned Christina that they needed to watch the number of stops, even on a direct flight).

Finishing first were Ronald and Christina, who may be the most interesting team because Ronald is so self-aware about his temper, and struggling to overcome it, and not always doing so. Even tonight, when Christina magnanimously said Ronald didn't lose his temper once, she was forgetting his ranting at the airport.

Nate and Jen were second, also with less bickering than usual. Nicolas and Ronald came in third, mainly because Nic had so much trouble trying to figure out a cab-driving challenge.

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