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"Amazing Race" Results

By admin Published: April 22, 2007

Tonight's final four results, after the jump ...

First of all, it was a non-elimination round.

The Barbies remain incredibly evil, and in first place going into the finals of the race. Meanwhile, karma in the worst "My Name Is Earl" sense nearly bit Oswald & Danny instead of the Barbies. (And I wrote that even before O&D themselves mentioned karma.)

Here's how it went: Oswald and Danny were low on money, and made a deal with the Barbies for cash in exchange for using a yield on anyone the Barbies chose. Barbies pick Eric & Danielle, who were in last place anyway, and who had been yielded once before by the Barbies. (The Barbies later lied to E&D about picking them for the yield.)

The Barbies then finished first. Eric & Danielle were second, but had the half-hour penalty for finishing last in last week's non-elimination. Mirna & Charla arrived during the penalty period, officially finishing second. Eric & Danielle took third, since Oswald & Danny demonstrated some disastrous navigation and finished last. Non-elimination saved them for now, but they go into next week with the penalty -- and that bodes very badly considering some of their maneuvers in recent weeks.

I still hate the Barbies but they feel ever more like the team to beat -- they're not only unscrupulous, they're successful at it.

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