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"Amazing Race" Season Finale

By admin Published: May 6, 2007

Waiting to see if it was all inevitable, after the jump ...

(Not so inevitable as it turns out. Eric and Danielle win. Live recap of the latter stages follow.)

Show's more than halfway over and everyone is dead even. Mirna and Charla made a smart flight move but lost their lead in a footrace and kayaking challenge where the others pushed their physical advantage. The Barbies had their argument, and it was sufficiently cruel that it makes me wonder how many similar conversations were edited out.

And the final challenge is a real brain teaser/"Match Game" kind of effort. And Eric and Danielle prove the most in sync -- and the only ones capable of finishing within the time allotted. Mirna and Charla, meanwhile, have fallen back to third place.

And once again the quality of individual taxi drivers appears to be an issue.

But no. Eric and Danielle win.

I don't like it, but I guess it's better them than the Barbies. But it means that the win does not go to an all-woman team.

Barbies finish second.

Lots of reaction shots of Rob & Amber, with Rob looking as if he doesn't care at all -- since he's not winning.

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