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"Amazing Race" Tonight

By admin Published: December 30, 2007

Some notes (and spoilers) after the jump ...

Twilight of the Goths

The Goths (or, as my younger son maintains, the Fake Goths) went out tonight, one show after being last but spared by a non-elimination round. Their non-elimination penalty was rather interesting -- having to go off and do a task no other team was asked to perform -- but that wasn't what took them down. Rather, it was some really foolish tactics. Given a chance to U-Turn another team, they chose a team that proved to be ahead of them even though they knew that Nate and Jen were behind them. Then Kynt failed to pay attention to the requirements of their last challenge -- neck and neck with Nate and Jen -- which probably cost them the time they needed to avoid being bounced.

This is kind of a bummer, though not because I like Kynt and Vixsin. Rather, I am sick of Jen and Nate's (who finished fourth) bickering, especially Jen's seemingly constant meltdowns when things get tough. Then again, just when I think Ronald and Christina (third tonight) have settled into a positive working relationship, he throws another fit -- bullying his daughter (although she is getting better at making him back off).

That leaves TK and Rachel (who finished first tonight) and Nicolas and Donald (second) as the more likable pairs right now. And both seem to have become quite adept at the game. Given some of their earlier struggles, I would have counted out Nicolas and Donald long before this, but there they are.

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