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''Amazing Race'' Tonight: Aaarrrrgh

By RD Heldenfels Published: November 22, 2005

I was all set to write a post slugged ''Down Go Weavers.'' I have had a bellyful of their hypocritical whining about the way everyone is so mean to them, when they have given other teams nasty nicknames and tried trickery to slow down a competitor. And there was more self-righteous complaining tonight, including one Weaver referring to themselves as the last nice family in the race.

I hope that, when they have looked at the video of this at home, they have seen all the ways they were decidedly not the last nice family (although it's more likely that they look at it and blame the editing). The other remaining teams have been far more pleasant about the whole business. We didn't see any on-camera whining from the Godlewskis when a production glitch temporarily put them in last place.

Anyway, thanks to one of those navigational miscalculations that can plague teams, it looked as if the Weavers would finish last and be done. In fact, they showed that they deserved to lose by giving up when they fell into last place -- pausing for food near the end, for example, and not considering the possibility they were on a non-elimination leg of the race.

As Phil tried to explain to them, you don't give up at the ''Race.'' Ever. You never know if someone else has taken a wrong turn, or had a flat tire, or otherwise gotten into trouble. And, since your arrival time determines your departure time for the next leg, you always want to get from place to place as quickly as possible. It's a race, for crying out loud.

So I was more than happy to see the Weavers finish last. Until I saw that it was indeed a non-elimination leg.

''Noooooooooo!'' I screamed at the set. But the results didn't change.

So let's go, Linzes. Go, Godlewskis. Go, Bransens. I still have that ''Down Go Weavers'' slug waiting. I still want to use it.

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