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"American Idol": 12/36 Phase Two Results

By admin Published: February 26, 2009

(She's in. But you knew that. What follows was written while watching the show.)

The show opens with Ryan talking about the way the votes shape the show, then looking at Nick Mitchell and asking, "What have you DONE?" More after the jump, including one mild surprise.

(Update: Allison and Adam are top 12 as expected, with Kris as the mildly surprising third.)

Intro of the judges, clips of the contestants from earlier rounds. Group sing on "Closer." Looks as if they shut off Nick's mic. Looks all lip-synched anyway. A break -- but the show tries to beat flippers and fast-forwarders with Ryan saying there's an unseen audition among the commercials. And so there is, along with a graphic saying the show will be back in 90 seconds.

Highlight reel starting with backstage footage. Not in original sequence: Last four are Lambert, Corkrey, Henson and Ireheta closing. In the contestant chat, Ryan turns to Nick first. On the issue of disagreeing with Simon last night, Matt continues to fall to the bad side of the line between being proud and being aggressive to the point of scary.

Allison and Jesse are summoned. Then Matt. Allison is Top 12. She sings again. The other two are sitting with the group. Confusion or a surprise? Allison's performance is, as often happens with these Wednesday vocals, not up to what she did the night before.

Megan and Kris are summoned. Chatter. Matt and Jeanine are summoned. More chatter. Then they are sent to join Megan and Kris. Ryan says one will go top 12. Paula is asked who she thinks is going through; she is torn among Megan, Kris and Matt.

Ryan narrows it. Says Jeanine is not top 12. Then Matt is out. Kara's opinion is sought. She gives extended kudos to Matt for his performances before last night. Simon grows impatient. Kara presses on, praises Megan. Simon snipes "take your time." She snaps at Simon. Ryan intervenes.

Shocker: Kris is through, Megan is not. Judging from, the vote outside Allison and Adam, who dominated, was very close. So Kris must have squeaked out of the pack. He sings again. And a little better than last night, though still flawed. Corkrey, meanwhile, has to be headed to the wild card round, given how much the judges talked her up last night -- when she wasn't that good.

And now are we just waiting to see Adam get picked?

Time filled with an "Idol" retrospective of clips from the whole series run, to "What a Wonderful World." Uh-huh. Not with Sanjaya and crying girl. Then Brooke White; the bride asks, "Is she going to start over three times?" She's actually there to plug her new single, "Hold Up My Heart." I feel no urge to rush to iTunes. Minor-league Carole King. But with kind of funny shot of robo-clap-alongs near the stage.

Ryan summons Mishavonna, Kai, Jasmine, Nick and Adam. Chatter, with Ryan skipping past Nick and Adam. Mishavonna, Kai and Jasmine are not top 12.

It should surprise no one that Nick and Adam are the last two onstage. Same trick as last week: one highly praised singer, one lightning rod. (Last week it was Danny and Tatiana.)
After the break, Nick actually looks uncomfortable. And he's not top 12, Adam is.

Now, again, I dare the judges to bring back Nick for the wild card.

Adam sings. Quite a bit worse than last night. And it occurs to me that a lot of his moves are borrowed from Steve Martin. I can see him simultaneously getting a fan base and being adopted by Vote For the Worst.

Simon says the Wild Card will "maybe" include a couple of performers from tonight. Megan, for sure. But again, will they take the Nick dare? For ratings, they could bring him back for the round, then not send him on. We shall see.

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