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"American Idol": 12 to 11

By admin Published: March 12, 2008

Notes after the jump ...

(David H is out. Syesha and Kristy Lee and David H bottom three.)

Jim Carrey is in the audience, wearing pieces of a "Horton Hears a Who" outfit to plug his movie and express his love for "American Idol" and its 30 million potential-ticket-buying viewers.

Oh, no! Ryan says more Lennon-McCartney next week! Have they learned nothing?

Group sing of Beatles songs: "All My Loving," "I Feel Fine," "Can't Buy Me Love," "Help." Undistinguished. Break.

Ryan says we are looking down the barrel at another dramatic elimination. Recap. Cook gets the last clip in the recap.

Ryan summons Carly, Michael, Jason and Syesha. Carly, safe. Michael, safe. Jason, safe. Syesha, looking doomed, is in the bottom three. Ryan asks judges Randy and Paula if she is the wrong choice to go. They say she is the wrong choice. Ryan then asks Simon if she belongs in the bottom three -- a very different question. Simon says yes.

Ryan has her sing again. "Got To Get You Into My Life." She sounds very shaky, although better on the chorus than the verse. Break.

Ford video. "The Distance," as if all the singers are in a political campaign. Ryan talks. Tape of the contestants talking about how their lives have changed, with "A Day in the Life" as the music. Includes them at the "Horton" premiere. Lots of them at the Horton premiere.

More results. Ryan calls up Chikezie, Amanda, Kristy Lee, David C. Chikezie, safe. Amanda, safe. David C, safe. KLC asks where her microphone is, assuming she's bottom three and sing. Ryan makes her wait. She's bottom three.

She sings "Eight Days a Week," still countrified. Sanjaya shown in the audience. Eek. KLC sounds better than last night even if her moves are awkward. Ryan asks Simon if this was any better. Simon says no. While noting Ryan's sarcasm on Tuesday night, Simon repeats that the song does not suit that style.

Call-in from fans. First question to Jason: If he could be any judge, which would he be? He offers a hazy non-response. Question for the judges: Any advice for his audition next season? (The guy has auditioned six times before.) Simon tells him "get another job." Paula says "keep singing right straight to Simon." The guy offers to sing on the phone. The conversation is ended before he can. Question for Ryan and Simon: when are they just going to duke it out onstage? Ryan says "load in the mud. I'm ready."

And all this while Syesha and KLC are in limbo.

Ryan skips over the fifth question, which begins "Simon is sexy" for one about whether Brits or Americans have more singing talent? To Simon. Simon says American singers have the most talent, but on the judging panel, the Brits do.

David Foster and Katharine McPhee perform "Something" (which Ryan notes is a George Harrison song, not MacLen). I've fallen a little behind in the telecast, so I use this to fast-forward. After the song, Foster and McPhee are working together on a new record. (Yes, Foster said record.)

After a break, Carrey is with the contestants. Allows one more allusion to the movie.

David A, Brooke, David H, Ramiele remain. David A, safe. Brooke, safe. Ramiele, safe. David H, bottom three. David H sings. Paula stands and claps along. The other judges are unmoved. And Paula's not clapping all that hard.

Syesha, KLC and David H are brought together center stage, then a break.

Ryan asks Randy if America got it right. He says it's tough but America probably got it right. Paula says she's never seen a "more stronger" bottom three. But she concedes America got it right "pretty much." Simon says America is "absolutely spot-on."

Syesha is safe. Ryan says 29 million votes. KLC is safe. David H is out. He says things happen for a reason but "this isn't it for me." David's journey video with the Ruben Studdard's version of "Celebrate Me Home" as the farewell song. Credits roll.

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