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"American Idol" Cut to 36

By admin Published: February 11, 2009

Running late, but I'm here and catching up ...

UPDATE: After I wrote the post below -- after, in fact, the results show aired -- Joanna Pacitti was declared ineligible for the Top 36 and Felicia Barton got her slot. What follows is what I wrote as I watched the show.

Tuned in in time to see Famous Ringer Joanna Pacitti get passed through to the top 36. Which certainly shows that a pro resume makes a difference, since she failed to impress at all during the Hollywood round. The judges -- sitting like small-kingdom monarchs in padded red chairs while torturing the contestants with prolonged comments before saying yea or nay -- decided she deserved another chance. Bah.

Others in include Tatiana, Danny G (but not pal Jamar), Nick/Norman, local light Stephen Fowler and -- well, I can't say anymore right now because Tatiana is shrieking from my TV and making me want to scoop out my brain with a melon baller -- without even getting help from Alec Baldwin. OK, the ears are clear. Nathaniel Marshall also passes through.

And now back to the beginning of the show, where Anoop Desai leads off. He should be in but still has to be tortured before being told he is top 36. And he's the guy who, at this point, I would like to see win.
Next: Von Smith. In.
Cody Sheldon. Gets asked to sing one more time, but has to pick his song. Does so. Then Alex Wagner-Trugman comes in and is also told to sing. Also does so. Judges confab. Ryan chats with the guys.
Cody is out, Alex is in.

Adam Lambert, should be a shoo-in based on comments to date. Simon asks whether he can win, and whether he can be a successful recording artist. As if some recent winners have sold a lot of CDs. Still, he's in.
Taylor Vaifanua. In.
Also in, quickly declared: Jasmine Murray, Arianna Afsar (whom I don't remember at all), Casey Carlson, Megan Corkrey, Mishavonna Henson and Stevie Wright.
Pacitti in, as I said.
T.K. Hash, out.
Chris Chatman, out.
Reggi Beasley, out. And I don't remember these guys either.

Kendall Beard. In.
Jenn Korbee. Next sing-off victim, vs. Kristen McNamara. Kristen in, Jenn out; Simon insists it's "absolutely the wrong way around."
Alexis Grace, in.
Scott MacIntyre, in.
Lil Rounds, in.

Felicia Barton, on a non-unanimous decision, out.
Ashley Hollister, unanimously out.
Devon Baldwin, out.

Frankie Jordan, sing-off against Jesse Langseth. Neither picks a song the judges like. Jesse in, Frankie out. Simon says "if it's any consolation, you wouldn't have won anyway." The other judges snap at him. He adds that he doesn't think Jesse will win either.
Frankie argues over whether there were "eight girls better than me, for sure?" Simons says she will see.

Shera Lawrence, out.
Derik Lavers, out.

Allison Iraheta, in.
Danny Gokey, in. Best bud Jamar Rogers says, "Nobody deserves it more than this guy." But they save Jamar's fate for after a break.
Jamar's out, even though Kara says he's a good singer. Kind of a shock. Thought he was good. Had a better shot than Jesse, whom Simon was sure couldn't win. But "Idol" doesn't always make musical sense. Or often.

Ricky Braddy, in.
Matt Giraud, in.
Ju'not Joyner, in.
Jorge Nunez, in.
Brent Keith, in.

Beachwood's Stephen Fowler, whose journey has been promoted on the local news during every "Idol" break, has to relive his Hollywood disaster, capped by his walking offstage. But he's in.

Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle, in Ryan's declaration "our craziest contestant" (although I'd think Tatiana gave him a run); also, when he's cleaned up, one of the oldest-looking. Paula says what he does is what America will either love or hate. Nick says his two passions are singing and making people laugh. Kara is puzzled by how serious he is. But he's in, for heaven's sake. Simon urges him to leave before Simon can change the others' mind.

And for this, Jamar Rogers is going home.

And speaking of crazy people, Ryan says that "next" includes Tatina and Nate. After a break.
So, of course, right after the break we get ...

Jackie Tohn. In.
Then Tatiana, with the inevitable recap of her hysteria. "But in the end," Ryan says, "it was her voice that made the biggest impression." Lie. Simon asks her to try not to be annoying. T babbles about her Paula jewelry. Paula gives her a ring. Simon snarks that Paula is promoting her jewelry on TV. The vote is not unanimous.

But Tatiana is in. Ugh.

Jackie Midkiff gets a sing-off with Nathaniel Marshall, the Drama King. Kara thinks Jackie is too good for a sing-off. But we get Nathaniel's heartache story, which includes a mother who's in prison because of a drug problem, and which suggests we will be hearing more about him. Nathaniel is in, Jackie out.

Jeanine Vailes, in.
Kai Kalama, in.
Anne Marie Boskovich, in.
Kris Allen, in.

Blue collar sing-off: Matt Breitzke vs. Michael Sarver. By my count, they have two slots left, so they could let both in. Simon says he likes both but isn't sure if either could win.

And both are in.

And next week, the voting starts. 12 a week with three going through each week, while the judges pick three wild cards at the end to complete the top 12.

First week's 12: Casey Carlson, Stephen Fowler, Jackie Tohn, Ricky Braddy, Anne Marie Boskovich, Brent Keith, Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver, Stevie Wright, Danny Gokey, Tatiana Del Toro and Anoop Desai.

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