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''American Idol'': Double Shocker

By RD Heldenfels Published: March 9, 2006

I would have figured Ayla Brown to be a shoo-in as one of the three best women singers on ''American Idol'' this season. Now she's gone. Gedeon McKinney seemed to be growing in appeal. Now he's gone.

Gone, too, are Will Makar and Kinnik Sky, and I can't argue much about their removal. But Ayla and Gedeon? After a couple of weeks where the votes made sense to me, these results are baffling. Of course, this is the way the show keeps people watching -- and voting. You have to have the occasional shock. I just didn't expect two on the same night.

BTW, when Ryan Seacrest was comforting Ayla after her ouster, I wish she had just looked at him and said, ''Yeah, you're so concerned about me, you made me wait over 40 freakin' minutes on this stage before telling me my fate.''

Talk about sadism: The women have to sit while being informed which one has the fewest votes. Then they have to wait while the men go through the same process. Then they have to come back to find out who has the second-fewest votes. A process that also includes waiting through a commercial for the news. I really like watching ''Idol,'' but I don't forget that it has a mean streak.

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