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"American Idol," Hollywood Night 2

By admin Published: February 4, 2009

I'm late getting to "Idol" because of some personal business, but I'm going to write it as if watching live. Notes after the jump.

Group night. Lots of footage of groups forming, discussions, bossiness -- and people working late. Songs and steps. Rose with Lauren, Jasmine and Katrina (Bikini Girl) and it's not going well for Rose. Another group bickers about people singing off-key. Danny and Jamar, though, are in a happy team.

Tatiana "is having a meltdown," and others in her group think she is sabotaging them. Tatiana goes looking for another group; but Nate and Nancy don't want her in theirs. Coming up, says Ryan, "the drama plays out onstage. .... The bloodbath begins." Oh, and he claims there will be "amazing performances."

It's 1 a.m. on "group night" and some groups are done, other still performing and Tatiana is not happy with her new group and tries to bail for her old one, ticking off the people in her new group. "That's not cool," says one of her newer-now-former groupmates. "I was desperate to change groups," T says, but she seems less than sorry. And gets a group hug with her old-new-old group. But then they debate "choreography-wise." Arguing with T ensues, and another group member calls her "psycho."

Back in "Team Compromise," her old new group, more conflict because Kristin wants to rest and Nancy wants to work. Nancy berates K, who cries. Which is, after all, what "Idol" is all about in Hollywood.

"Team Diva" (Rose, Katrina, et al.) has conflict -- with Rose peeved at K, who departs and cries. The other three, says Rose, "have no idea what's happening with Katrina."

At "Team Compromise," Nate is having a fit because "it's not just your dream at stake." Big tears. "They have my dreams in their hands and that's very scary," says K. Ryan again promises amazing performances and "devastating cuts."

"Welcome back to Hell Week," says Ryan after a break. A recap of who has slept and hwo has not. Team Diva seeks Katrina. Her roommate says she's "not feeling good" and doesn't want to see anyone.

Team Compromise in tatters. Meanwhile, at Katrina's room, she's hiding under a blanket and the others think she has given up on the show. Mother of mercy, is this the end of Bikini Girl? (I can only hope.) More tension, more rehearsals, and Tatiana's group is at peace.

Even though the others think she has quit, Katrina shows up. Overdressed and fully made up. Rose expects "a train wreck."

"You'll never believe what happens onstage," Ryan vows.

News from the judges: Simon says, "Forget the words, you're out."

"White Chocolate": India, Justin, Kris and Matt. Jazz arrangement of "I Want You Back." Nicely done. Everyone goes to the next one. Ryan says the other contestants and thinking, "Damn, I wish we were that good."

Couple of groups Austin, J.B., Shelby, Julissa, with lots of word butchery. Jorge and Nick get through.

Alex, Ryan, Anne Marie and Emily are "Action Squad." "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow." Rocky, and Emily forgets the words. Alex and Anne Marie get to the next round. Ryan and Emily are done. Emily is philosophical. Alex is "insulted" and saw evil in Paula's eyes.

Simon "was on the warpath" in the afternoon: an array of insults for the contestants, and sniping with Paula.

"Rainbow Coalition" -- Danny, Jamar, Taylor and a fourth, unnamed member sing the crap out of Queen's "Somebody to Love." Everybody goes to the next round.

Adam Lambert, Jeremy Michael Sarver, Matt Breitzke, Jesse Langseth are among others who get through to the next round.

We're back to Team Diva. Rose fluffs the words bigtime. Simon nails them for not working together the night before. Katrina offers a million excuses. Simon zaps her for not doing the job. Lauren, Katrina (posing) and Rose are all sent home. Jasmine stays for the next round. Kara is still astonished by Katrina, who is unfazed and later insulting about the other women. I am glad she's gone. She was poisonous -- and the whole Bikini Girl thing should have stopped her from getting to Hollywood at all. But the show obviously loved her Omarosa-esque drama.

Reject clips: Osmond is out, others.

The final two groups are Tatiana's group (Muna, Tatiana, others), bad start and Simon stops them before they are done. Tatiana tries to keep singing and Randy says "none of that today." But they all get to the next round, which is incomprehensible based on the performance. Tatiana goes totally drama-queen in her thank-yous, tears in abundance, really annoying.

Team Compromise: Nate, Nancy, Kristin. Nancy notes onstage that they didn't get along. Song: "Mercy." Nate tries to sell it but is hammy. Nancy is not good. Kristin a little better, but the group stuff is really unsettling. Lots of shots of Paula grooving, though. Simon says "you really don't like each other" -- and says their background singing seemed like sabotage for the leads. "It's not nice to see what's up onstage right now," Paula says. Nancy goes home, Nate and Kristin go to the next round.

Nancy curses out Kristin as they leave the stage. Nancy later regrets that she let Kristin get the best of her.

More shots of rejects, then of successful performers. 75 remain, so about 29 were cut on this show. And on to next week...

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