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"American Idol" Notes

By admin Published: May 25, 2011

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Scotty won. 122 million total votes.Single coming. OK. As Malcolm is fond of saying, it just doesn't matter. Lauren will have a career if she wants it. James could join Judas Priest now -- he sure outsang Halford. I don't know about the Haley thing with Tony Bennett; can't decide if the show is still trying to pay him back for the season when he served as a mentor and every contestant ignored him, or he is trapped in some strange ongoing "Idol" hell which requires him to endure Haley's mugging through a song.

As for the show tonight, it was actually one of the more bearable of the bloated finales. Sure, Lady Gaga probably irked some Scotty/Lauren fans by being, well, Gaga. But there was this odd current of fun that is often missing from the show, especially with the Top 13 guys. Casey and James's discussion of who was the most shocking ouster was actually one of the better forced-comedy bits on the show, and I actually smiled a lot during the Tom Jones medley because the guys were having so much fun -- so goofily embracing the moment, letting the choreography go to pieces.

Still, when the show looks to next season, it has to do some rethinking. This makes four wins in a row by young white guys and -- with two country-singing finalists -- a very strong demonstration of how the voting audience is skewing. The voting system needs some fixing, and so do the judges -- there were way too many softballs tossed to contestants, and more than once that refusal to make clear distinctions may have cost contestants. And I can't decide which became more painful this year -- seeing Bruno jumping constantly from his "DWTS" chair, or hearing Randy declare someone is "in it to win it."

But it's summer. A break of sorts. Except that "SYTYCD" starts tomorrow night.

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