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"American Idol" Performance Notes

By admin Published: May 18, 2011

After the jump.

I'm tired. Tired generally, and tired of "Idol." Tired of unimpressive performances. Tired of Haley's inability to understand songs. (Smiling through Led Zeppelin? Really?) Tired of the show's manipulations. A WIND MACHINE for Haley. The judges pronounced a different contestant the winner of each round: three rounds, three winners, so convenient.

To be fair, Tyler deviated from that plan, declaring Haley the winner of both the first and last round, while Randy and Jennifer stuck with Haley round one, Scotty round two, Lauren round three. In fact, Jennifer jumped the gun by proclaiming Haley the third-round winner before Haley even sang. And you don't think these shows use production to influence the audience?

What the show did not do -- even though it has occasionally -- was vary the order of contestants' performances, so each of the three segments (contestants' choice, Jimmy's choice, judges' choice) went Scotty, Lauren, Haley, and Haley closed the show. But, as I have said for several weeks now, the show is banking on Haley, and it did so again tonight. Her singing is erratic, her Zeppelin heretical, and her performing mannerisms still irritating. In short, she's just not that good -- but seems more impressive in the context of Scotty (who constantly fought to hit higher notes than he is able to reach) and Lauren (sweet, personable but lacking distinction as a singer -- even her supposed home run on "I Hope You Dance" tonight was a little too slow and formal).

Could this be the worst top three in "Idol" history? Sure seems that way.

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