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"American Idol": Results

By admin Published: February 21, 2008

Live post after the jump ...

(Ousted: Garrett, Amy, Joanne and Colton. Live notes following.)

Cast onstage. Ryan says it's been a busy week -- including four hours of television. And whose fault is that? 28 million votes. Introduction of the judges. Brief chat, with a long semi-ramble by Paula. Simon on his tough comments: "All we're doing is passing on opinions." Music video with the cast and a Daughtry track. Group sing of '60s songs. The solos sound fresh but some of the group singing sounds pre-recorded. Carly's got her tattoos showing again. Screen goes white during one camera change, then back to the show, then a test pattern, then back. Little ragged, eh? Break.

Recap of the guys: Robbie first, David C, David H. Judge recap. Colton, David A. More judges. Chikezie. Judges battle over Chikezie. Luke, Garrett. Judges, oh they're everywhere. Rest of sequence: Jason Y, Danny N, Jason C, Michael.

Ryan chats with the guys, starting with Garrett. And Garrett is immediately taken out. Whoa! But they're not kidding. He has to sing out (and is quite bad) ... Break.

Recap of the women Wednesday. Alexandrea, Alaina, Syesha, Amanda, Brooke, Kristy, Joanne, Amy, Kady, Ramiele, Asia'h, Carly.

Ryan says this night is no fun. Summons Kristy. She's safe. Out is Amy, who was by far the worst on Wednesday. And is even more horrible on her sing-out.

Promotion of Randy's album with a track and video by Paula. I am not thrilled. And the backup dancers are doing most of the hard work. Oh, well.

Back to the women for more results. Summons Joanne and Amanda. Ryan says everyone on the sofa is safe. Then to a break.

Joanne is out. At least her sing-out is better than the other two. Still with bad spots, but better than the others.

Ryan summons Chikezie and Colton. Colton is out. Farewell clip sequence, and Colton sings out with family watching from the balcony on the set. (This family-onstage thing looks new to me, and I'm not crazy about it. Just seems to stick the knife in deeper, much like requiring the sing-out.

(On the other hand, I don't have a problem with Simon telling Colton that he should try to get a job as something other than a singer. I know, a lot of the show is about achieving dreams -- but if it's OK to dampen those dreams during auditions, it should be OK to do it later in the show, too. And considering how disappointing some of the top 24 have been in this first round, some contestants may not be able to handle the pressure of big audiences, big moments and at least one tough-minded spectator.)

Anyway, credits roll. Video podcast coming tomorrow afternoon.

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