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"American Idol" Results

By admin Published: March 18, 2009

Potentially very interesting show tonight. Alexis Grace is at the bottom of the results, with Allison Iraheta and Megan Joy close by, and all three in the "too close to call" range. If Alexis, whom the judges and the show like, was the lowest vote-getter, would they have to use the "judges save" to protect her? Or would they let her go to protect the integrity of the show -- since Alexis was on that alleged "guaranteed final four" -- and to keep the "judges save" in case Danny or Adam, other show faves, get in trouble? Live notes. After. The. Jump.

Blah, blah, contestants seated, judges introduced. Recap -- out of televised order. Group synch -- I know, they're supposedly singing, but I don't believe it -- starting with "T-R-O-U-B-L-E." Scott at the piano, sparing him choreography. Break. Ford music video. Backstage stuff from a week ago when Jorge and Jasmine went bye-bye, including a farewell dinner. Alexis seems to be getting a lot of attention -- early in the video, then the first one Ryan talks to in the studio after the video shows. Sarver is asked how it feels to be away from the family and the kids and gets teary -- but at the farewell dinner, he was holding a child -- and gets to say hello on camera. Megan gives illness update.

Danny summoned. Safe.

Lil, safe.

'Noop, safe. No surprises so far.

Michael and Allison. Ryan asks which she thinks is in the bottom three. Paula hedges while Simon mutters that she should answer the question; Paula finally guesses Allison. And Allison is bottom three. As is Sarver.

Brad Paisley sings. Not bad, but the trained seals clapping along at the stage are having a hard time feigning enthusiasm.

More results: Scott, safe. Megan Joy, sick but safe. Matt, safe. Kris, safe. Leaving Alexis and Adam. Ryan asks Randy which is bottom three. Since he loved Adam -- saying now it was a Jeff Buckley take -- he says "Allison." Alexis? corrects Ryan. Alexis. And Alexis is bottom three.

Alexis, Michael and Allison take center stage. Allison is declared safe.

Carrie Underwood footage. Much talk about her country success. No mention of her ongoing shift toward rock/pop. She unveils a Sandy Dumbrowski look. Chat with her and Randy T. Duet: "I Told You So." Only it's going a long way before Randy sings. Oh, there he is. And they do sing together, although it's mostly Carrie.

Ryan with Michael and Alexis. Ryan asks if either is worth a judges save. Simon says there is one they would consider saving ... and another break.

Michael is safe. Alexis is at the bottom -- and the judges have to make a call. Simon says she was the one they were thinking about saving, but she has to sing before they supposedly decide. More "Jolene." Judges confab while she desperately sings. What an awful position to be in. Simon says the judges are "kind of unanimous" that the performance was good enough but not good enough to save her. She's gone. And I would have kept her over Sarver, Adam, Megan, Scott ...

Next week: Motown. And shows on Wednesday and Thursday because the president is talking on Tuesday.

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