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"American Idol" Results

By admin Published: April 1, 2009

One of the more interesting examples of career suicide and of an "Idol" smackdown on tonight's show. It started when Megan Joy made the bottom three and was asked how she felt about Simon's comments the night before.

"I love you, Simon," she said, "but I didn't really care." Uh-oh....

Paula laughed but you could hear the shocked sounds in the audience. After Simon found out what Megan said, he replied ominously, "That's not true." Megan's subsequent behavior demonstrated enormous contempt for the program and the voting process, with her grinning and mocking as the bottom three was determined (it also included Anoop, alas, and Allison). But when the final results were announced, with Megan voted out, Simon had his payback when the question of the judges' save arose.

"Megan, with the greatest respect," Simon said, "when you said that you don't care, nor do we. So I'm not going to pretend that we're even going to contemplate saving you. So this is your swan song. ..."

A stunned Ryan asked, "So you're not going to evaluate the performance? That's it?"

"That's it," said Simon. And then Megan sang, badly again, with Paula and Kara swaying and Randy nodding and Simon frozen. I would have been happy if the judges had dispensed with the song entirely and told the little snot to take a hike.

I mentioned during last night's telecast, and in previous shows and previous seasons, that you mouth off to the judges at your peril. 'Noop also got mouthy last night, and it may have been a factor in his going bottom three. Megan has indicated that she's not even suitable to things appropriate to her limited ability -- third-tier cruise-ship performances, say -- because she can't even pretend to care about the same things as her audience.

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