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"American Idol" Results

By admin Published: April 29, 2009

Very interesting bottom three ...

[My last update: This piece is not my finest hour. I was muddled about some key details. I'm leaving it posted because it's what I wrote when I wrote it, but in retrospect I could have done a lot better. Oh, well.]

They did that usual torturing a contestant about which group to join, with Adam choosing between Allison/Danny or Matt/Kris. He of course waffled. But Ryan put him with Matt/Kris and declared that the bottom three was indeed Matt/Kris/Adam, with Allison and Danny safe. If I had to guess right now, it would be that Matt is going home, and the gap between last and next to last is pretty huge. But indicated a pretty close cluster of all five contestants, so who knows?

(For those of you just want the results, Matt's gone. Next week's theme is "rock and roll," with Slash. UPDATE: The "Idol" release for next week says "rock songs," and Wednesday's results show will include No Doubt and Daughtry. And now back to my in-progress recap.)

And now Natalie Cole sings. Love Nat. but my interest in Natalie terminates after "This Will Be" and "Pink Cadillac." Neither of which she sang tonight.

"Glee" promo makes me want to watch the pilot again.

Taylor Hicks does Taylor Hicks music. No complaints. Sounded better than what I remember of his post-"Idol" recording. Looks very thin. Simon looks uninterested.

More result: Kris is safe. Leaving Adam and Matt to learn their fates, although Ryan does not refer to them as the bottom two. [UPDATE: Apparently Ryan later referred to them as the bottom two when talking with Jamie Foxx; I must have tuned out, although Ryan's careful phrasing before that makes me question whether he meant to say that later. For more on this debate, see Sepinwall and the comments thereon. And now back to last night's post.]
And I stand by my statement about the outcome above.

Jamie Foxx performs. Never been much for his music. Terrific actor, though. Still more evidence of that in "The Soloist." Chatter with Ryan. JF praises all the contestants as "true artists," but mentions Adam specifically. Ryan asks JF if America has gotten it right with the bottom two. He hedges -- then squeezes in a mention of "The Soloist."

Ryan tweaks Simon, saying that based on America's vote, Ryan and Kara were more on game last night.

47 million votes. No mention of how many votes separated these two..Adam is safe. Matt is going home. His video clips begin with the judges' saving him. Which bought him two more weeks. But did it cost someone else a chance at survival. I'm not sure Lil would have lasted much longer, given the contradictions she had to deal with from the judges, and as nicely as 'Noop sang, I don't see him winning. But would a different mix have affected, say, Allison's chances? Dunno.

Matt says he'll "definitely remember being the cat with nine lives." And he sings again, and I'm still not impressed. Although there is a riff in there that makes me think he has listened to some Jimmy Scott. The show actually ends in timely fashion -- even if that included sneaking in some opening material at the end of "Lie to Me's" hour. A little early, in fact, since there's room for judges chatter.

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