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"American Idol" Results

By admin Published: April 14, 2010

I couldn't really stand watching the whole thing, so joined it -- and still endured the waning moments of a dreadful, lip-synched "Viva Las Vegas." Notes about the results, after the jump. ...

(Summary: Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens are gone. Inspirational songs next week. Alicia Keys the mentor.)

Joining in progress:

Ford video.

Casey James, Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia all summoned to center of stage. Ryan makes Andrew to talk about the stress of a week where two are going home.

Andrew is out, wham-o. No surprise. And his farewell performance just validates his going home.

After a break, we are back with the group, including Aaron and Casey, although they are in a different row.

Footage for "Idol Gives Back."

Brooke White and Justin Gaston, "If I Can Dream." Very zzzzzzzz. Except when it's painful. And look, the only time this song should be sung is as the climactic moment of an Elvis comeback special.

Aaron and Casey are officially safe.

Summoning of Lee, Crystal, Turban, Big Mike, Siobhan and Katie.
Ryan speaks to, in order, Lee, Siobhan, Katie. Katie's scaled way back on the makeup, looking much younger than she did on Tuesday.
Ryan speaks to Big Mike; they talk about the save last week.
Then recapping with Crystal, Tim.

34 million votes.
Crystal is safe.
Siobhan safe.
Lee safe, although Ryan tortures him a little.

Leaving Tim, Katie and Big Mike to wait until after Adam Lambert performs.

Next week: inspirational songs, with Alicia Keys as the mentor.

Lambert performs "What Do You Want From Me?" Results, actually.
I like Adam but this song is taking about 10 years to get going. Never would have survived a contestant's song-time restrictions. Song in toto did not do much for me, either.

Got a bad feeling about my man Big Mike. Facing off against two who (a) reach out to the young demo and (b) didn't suck this week.
Not saying Mike sucked, just that the others may have bought themselves some time. And Mike was the lowest vote-getter a week ago, and didn't tear it up this week.
And, still, the African-American does "In the Ghetto"?

Turban's safe.

Ryan says the remaining person not going home was not even in the bottom three this week. Which would be Big Mike, since Katie is sent home. And which tells us how the show plays with viewer assumptions.

Katie's sing-off is also bad.

Based on this week's performances alone, I do not think I would have sent her home. Andrew, definitely. But I think Siobhan was worse than Katie, and I don't like Katie.
At the same time, we didn't get the token "is this the right call?" chat with the judges. Because there's really not much to get agitated about her here.

After her sing-off, we get the video recaps of Andrew and Katie.
And I am getting ready to catch up with "Modern Family."

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