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"American Idol" Results

By admin Published: April 28, 2010

Notes after the jump.

(Summary: Siobhan is out. And I am pleased.
Next week: Harry Connick Jr. and Sinatra songs.
Anyone anticipating a NANCY Sinatra song?)

Here's where I'm starting the notes: The bottom three consists of Mike Lynche, Casey James and Siobhan Magnus.
Am kind of pleased about Siobhan since, judges' comments regardless, I thought she was quite bad on Tuesday. Mildly surprised about Mike and Casey because both were OK and Casey was actually impressive breaking out of his bar-band mold. But I found the Shania Twain-themed show, which I watched very quickly tonight, kind of blah overall.

Except: It was fascinating how very, very much they made Shania part of the show. Lots of interaction with contestants, huge number of camera shots. More than has seemed customary with a mentor. I wonder if the show is trying to shake up the format. Lots of music tonight, for example: Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum, Sons of Sylvia, RF w/Shakira ...

What's sad is that all these shakeups seem based on a lack of confidence in the contestants' ability to get and keep viewers. One more sign of what a down season this is in quality (except, of course, Ohio's Own Crystal, and even she didn't have an earthshaking night Tuesday).

And Big Mike is safe. Good for that.

Siobhan is out, Casey safe. Best possible outcome from that bottom three. No more goofy outfits, no more shrieks.

Tribute video, and she sings off with "Think." Which is quite, quite terrible. Although the show does seem to be running on time. A little early, even. Filler after the song, like Siobhan hugging the judges.

Interesting that they did not have the judges do the "we're shocked, what a travesty" thing about Siobhan going home -- especially considering how much they praised her last night.

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