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"American Idol" Results

By admin Published: May 5, 2010

Addendum: Next week, songs from the movies, with Jamie Foxx as guest mentor.

I am trying to catch up on "Lost" tonight, so am joining "Idol" at about the midway point ...

(Summary: Aaron is out. Big Mike and Aaron are bottom two.)

Arrived in time to hear Harry Connick Jr. sleepwalk through "And I Love Her." For comparison, find not the Beatles version, fine though it is, but Esther Phillips' marvelous, jazzy rendition. And now the final five are singing a medley Harry Connick songs. My indifference is absolute.

And I now know that Lee is safe.

Crystal is now being summoned. And is asked to start a group by the piano. I hate this crap.

Big Mike. Told to start a different group.

Aaron is sent with Big Mike. Which makes me think they are both safe.

Casey is sent to Crystal. Ruh-roh. Ryan tortures Lee by asking him which group he thinks is safe. Then asks the audience.

Oh, wrong me. Mike and Aaron are the bottom two. Please send Aaron home. Please please please. Gotta keep Big Mike.

And going home is ... Aaron. I can live with that.

Later: Caught up with Lady Gaga on Thursday morning. Gag-gag. She resides visually somewhere between Fellini and "Can't Stop the Music," with soundtrack out of Ace of Base.

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