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"American Idol" Results

By admin Published: May 19, 2010

Results and in-show live blogging after the jump.

(Summary: Lee and Crystal in, Casey out.)

This is going to be an excruciating hour, since we're eliminating only one of the three, and most people reasonably expect Casey to be the one going home. (I did see one pundit proclaiming a Lee/Casey final, but that would be a huge shock.)

And soon enough, it is painful, Ryan playing talk-show host with Casey, Crystal and Lee, with nothing very enlightening coming of it. The show is demanding, the contestants work hard, it's a fab opportunity. Oh, and Crystal's getting great medical care for her diabetes. As one would hope.

More yak yak yak. Randy weighs in about how all the contestants have found direction. And Crystal says everything the judges have said has been helpful. Uh-huh. Yakety yakety ... and I am actually grateful for a break.

Car music video: "Wild One (Real Wild Child)."

Casey homecoming footage. OK, the stuff at the hospital is touching. Then back for more talk-show with Ryan.

Ryan chats with Perez Hilton about Hilton faveTravis Garland, who performs. And is not, to my ears and regardless of Hilton's claim, better than Justin Timberlake. Or as good as. No matter how much "Idol" uses split-screen to showcase him.

Kris Allen appears. In a commercial. Hey, I hear his CD is going zinc.

Crystal's homecoming footage. Nice of her to pay tribute to Toledo. But even as she's emotional talking to Ryan, the show cuts quickly to Lee's homecoming, blunting the impact of her moment.

(INTERESTING footage, by the way, at USA Today's Idol Chatter site -- and on YouTube-- of Alexandra Burke, the 2008 winner of Simon Cowell's British "X Factor," performing "Hallelujah" on the show. It also became a post-win single for her. Quite convenient, considering last night.)

Justin Bieber performs. I am unmoved, as I generally have been by his performances. As often as I might hear him, I am still not an 8-year-old girl.

And finally, a result. They're dragging it more by declaring who's in. Lee first. No duh. Everything has been put in place for him to win this thing. And joining him is ... Crystal. Are we at all surprised? Casey does a sing-off, looking relaxed and personable. Show scurries to finish close to on-time; while Casey bids bye to the judges, Ryan brings up the "journey" video.

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