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"American Idol" Results

By admin Published: April 28, 2011

Briefly noted after the jump.

Casey's done. The rest of the bottom three was Jacob and Scotty. The final result was announced with Casey and Scotty together, Jacob having been called safe.

I skipped most of the show because of residual irritation about last night's. But here are my thoughts about the voters' decision:

I know that Casey has been a favorite of some on the show because of his quirkiness, but I was less enthused. His jazzy mannerisms were only intermittently interesting and his vocals last night were awful. That said, the show is so generally blah right now -- as I said in my post about last night -- that there's no reason to be outraged about anyone either staying or going home. All right, I make an exception of James, who can sing and yet has some distinctiveness, and will give a slight pass to Lauren for competence and charm. But Jacob, Scotty, Casey, Haley? Wouldn't spend 99 cents on a one of them on iTunes.

As I have said more than once, "Idol's" strategy this year has been to boost people representing different genres in order to sell to multiple audiences rather than try just to come up with the one perfect performer meant to cross several genres. Unfortunately, in doing so, it has also failed to come up with a lightning rod, a performer so exciting, good or bad, that every viewer wants to talk about him. No Adam Lambert, in other words.
While Adam did not win -- the victim of "Idol" voters' repeated rejection of the daring in favor of the safe -- he was memorable in a way that most of the current crew is not. I keep meaning to go back and look at previous Top Sixes (or now, Top Fives) to see if any was as weak collectively as the current crew. Haven't done so yet, so I'll ask you if you remember a comparable group. For me, with James again the exception, right now we're getting a lot of background music.

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