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"American Idol" Results: 9 to 8

By admin Published: April 2, 2008

In-progress notes after the jump. ...

(Ramiele Malubay is out. Brooke White and Kristy Lee Cook were the rest of the bottom three.)

Here we are, after a day where Ryan Seacrest was reportedly injured and David Cook briefly hospitalized. No mention in the opening. Intro of the judges. Group sing of "9 to 5." Brooke gets the first solo. Kristy Lee Cook the second. Some deeply terrible line dancing by the cast. On it goes. Dialidol, by the way, has Archuleta, Johns, D Cook and Mercado safely outside the margin of error for survival. Malubay in last place but within the margin with the rest.

Dolly on video. Recap of performances.

Michael Johns is summoned. Safe.

David Archuleta. Safe.

Carly Smithson. Safe.

Viewers call in questions. Yawn. Winners of "The Next Great American Band," the Clark Brothers perform. And start off awful, it seems, except that it may be that my DVR is having a conniption fit. Even when the TV seems OK, I am not enjoying. Ford video: "It's Tricky."

David Cook. Ryan brings up the hospitalization. DC says it was blown out of proportion, that he has high blood pressure and it spiked. Safe.

Ramiele Malubay. Bottom three.

Kristy Lee Cook. She's sure she is bottom three. And she is. Ryan asks Paula about KLC and RM in bottom three. She says she thought they both had a good night on Tuesday.

Video update on Bucky Covington, Bo Bice, Phil Stacey, all now in/near Nashville. Bucky has a CD, Phil has one coming out, Bo took a year off to recover from surgeries -- and has a CD.

Syesha Mercado. Safe.

Down to Brooke White and Jason Castro. Brooke is bottom three.

Simon says the bottom three is "absolutely right."

More about "Idol Gives Back."

Dolly Parton sings "Jesus and Gravity." Dolly talks with Ryan. Dolly is relaxed, pleasant, chatty, even if she doesn't quite get Ryan's jab at Simon about his Dollywood comment on Tuesday.

Ryan asks Randy who he thinks is out. He says Ramiele. Simon says "it's not going to be Brooke." Brooke is teary, about the contest and "Idol Gives Back" and Dolly talking about "Jesus and Gravity." And Brooke is safe. KLC is safe. Ramiele is out.

Can't argue with that. She has been out of her depth for some time and did nothing with her Dolly song.

Ryan is extra compassionate with her before she leaves, thanks her for being on the show. With the other four women behind her, she sings herself out. The guys join the women.

And good night.

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