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"American Idol" Results and Notes

By admin Published: May 26, 2010

As if we didn't know ...

Malcolm and I said in last week's video that this was done, that Lee DeWyze was going to win, and so it came to pass. The show tried to pretend it was a contest on Tuesday night. And Crystal Bowersox cleaned Lee's clock on Tuesday, and again in their shared performance with Joe Cocker on Wednesday. But the voting lines were set regardless of what happened this week, and the show had already decided that it wanted Lee to win -- just compare the songs they were given as their potential singles. U2's "Beautiful Day" was total crowd/radio multi-format bait, the final sign of Lee's eminence, regardless of how many kind words the judges tossed to Crystal. And when the "Idol" maestros take Lee into the studio, he will be cooperative, where Crystal has repeatedly demonstrated her determination to be her own kind of singer no matter what the prevailing trend is.

In fact, you could argue that Lee's win was set a year ago when Kris Allen out-polled Adam Lambert. Lambert was charismatic, startling, vaguely dangerous -- and Kris was that nice young man who helps carry Grandma's groceries to the car. In that vote, the audience insisted it did not want to be challenged or threatened. Crystal, talented though she was, offered just enough eccentricity to make Lee's modest skills and humility all the more appealing to the majority of voters.

But if I were to buy recordings by one of them, I'd be more inclined to Crystal's.

I watched the performances Tuesday but was in and out of tonight's two-hour bloat. I caught Janet Jackson's appearance, and the return of most of the "Idol" winners, and tributes to Simon Cowell, and some of Paula's return. And, of course, the waning moments when the inevitable outcome was announced. None of it was overly dramatic. The show needs to think a lot about next season; maybe Simon's departure is the opportunity for a bigger overhaul.

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