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"American Idol" Results Notebook

By admin Published: February 25, 2010

After the jump, I will be live-posting tonight's results show. Once people are eliminated, I'll put their names at the top of the jump. At this point, I have minimal interest in who stays and who goes, since there wasn't a fabulous performance to found on either night. My colleague Malcolm X Abram may have other ideas; we'll see tomorrow afternoon when we record our second "Idol" video of the season for So stay tuned later Friday for that.

And now, to the jump ...

(Janell Wheeler, Ashley Rodriguez, Joe Munoz and Tyler Grady are out.)

Clips from last night, Ryan declaring, "This (longer pause than usual) is American Idol." 24 million votes. Two men and two women out. Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen to perform, and a tease for "Idol Gives Back" news. Judges intro. Ryan says people were buzzing that Simon was harsher than normal. Simon rightly says he wasn't. And that some performances weren't very good. Ellen reacts to her first week: She says there were some surprises, including her banana comment. Ryan tells Randy this week is always a rough spot for contestants. Well, not for all of them, but it's a convenient way of defending crappy shows. Kara's husband in the crowd as we get a reference to Kara's overheatedness on Wednesday.

Group sing of "American Boy." Way lip-synched, and not always well. Number ends with Katie Stevens in front.

Women first. Sioban Magnus: safe.
Haeley Vaughn: safe.
Michelle Delamor: safe.
Katelyn Epperly: safe.
Katie Stevens and Janell Wheeler remain. Have to think Janell's going home, but Randy says it's too tough to call. Katie looks terrified. But Janell is gone and Katie safe.

Janell says she had a feeling she was going, and that her song choice was a mistake. And the other women (whom, "Idol" style, she calls "girls") are "fantastic." She sings out with "What About Love." Not good but intermittently better than she was Tuesday night. Still, not something I will miss.

Allison Iraheta performs. Met her during the "Idol" tour's visit to Cleveland. Nice kid. And I like the voice. But not this performance so far. I do not listen to her for subtlety. Crank it! OK, kicking it up some, but awfully late in the song, and not too hard, and not too long. Still like the voice, but I'm not running to iTunes for this. Although she's likable.

More of the women.
Paige Miles: safe.
Lacey Brown: safe.
Lilly Scott: safe.
Ohio's own Crystal Bowersox: safe.

Down to Ashley Rodriguez and Didi Benami. I keep Didi, but that's me. Ryan asks Ellen what advice she has to the one who goes home. Ellen notes they have had "a huge platform" on the show. Didi's safe. Ashley's out. And wants to sing herself off and be done with this; very frosty departure chat with Ryan.

The guys "face the fire," says Ryan. Then shows rehearsal tape of Tyler in boots, tennis socks and "spa robe." Oh, my God, they're trying to make him Sanjaya -- the goofy incompetent who's a lightning rod for discussion. And it looks as if he's in a safe seat.

Michael "Big Mike" Lynche: safe.
John Park: safe.
Aaron Kelly: safe.
Todrick Hall: safe.
Down to Tim Urban and Joe Munoz. I keep Joe, but Tim's got that cute-underdog thing going for him with voters. Kara is asked if America is right in sending one of them home; Kara tries to punt, but concedes America may not be right on the vote. Tim is safe, Joe out. He sings, and so far no one who has been ousted has given a "hey, I am too good to go home" performance.

"Idol Gives Back" returns on April 21. First support: Haiti. Kris Allen has been there, and Fox has already announced that his performance of "Let It Be" will be on iTunes as a fund-raiser for Haiti relief. (Cost is $1.29.) And that donations can be made at and by text, which is something new since the Fox release. Kris sings, pleasantly but unremarkably.

Last guy ...
Casey James: safe.
Jermaine Sellers: safe.
Lee Dewyze: safe.
Andrew Garcia: safe.
Down to Alex Lambert and Tyler Grady. Could we send both home? Please? I'd send Tyler first, and Alex probably got sympathy for being so terrified. Simon predicts that Tyler is done. And Alex is, indeed, safe. Thank God. Tyler goes out gracelessly, saying he did not get much constructive criticism during Hollywood week.

And now we get the departing four's journey. Are we really better off without these four? Well, if nothing else, we are spared further attempts to milk comic relief from Tyler, whose sing-off rolls into the closing credits. And I am out.

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