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"American Idol" Results Notes

By admin Published: April 16, 2009

All the build-up, all the anticipation, all the singing and the judges' save rescues ... Matt Giraud.

It's not that I hate Giraud or anything. I have had weeks when I preferred him over his cuter musical-genre cousin, Kris Allen. But he has been a bit of a bore, and he's not that good a singer. Aside from Paula and Kara looking at him as if he's double-scoops-with-whipped-cream-and-jimmies and they've both got extra large spoons, I see no compelling reason for his continuing on the show. As Simon said before the Twin Hysterics began arguing, Matt's not going to win this thing.

So why save him? My theories after the jump.

1. The widespread thinking that the save was being reserved for Adam or Danny has been rendered moot by their both developing ouster-proof voting bases for as long as the save would have been available. So the judges don't have to worry about them.

2. The show believed the save had to be used for somebody, or its introduction would have been pointless. And they were running out of chances, since the save is available "up until only five finalists remain." So using it for Matt was at least a little more reasonable than using it for Megan or Scott. (I suspect now they would not have used it for Lil, based on Simon's suggestion that someone might be saved and it would surprise people whom the judges were leaning toward. After Lil's argument on Tuesday, and her clear lack of repentance on Wednesday, I don't think Simon was going to let her pass through -- especially not after he had been so adamant about Megan.)

3. The longer they waited to use the save, the riskier the two-next-week clause became, since someone good might have ended up in the bottom two for the two-must-go week. Using it now, the show knows that there's still a pool with Matt, Kris, Lil and 'Noop to provide two uncontroversial ousters while protecting Adam, Danny and Allison. As I said, Danny and Adam seem bullet-proof at this point, but Allison has been at risk before.

4. Paula, Kara, scoops, jimmies, spoons. I know, the vote is supposed to be unanimous, but since we've already had a week where Simon had to break a 2-2 tie, I think Simon especially was tired of being nagged and just decided this was time to use the save and be done with it. And if I had had to sit next to Paula & Kara during Matt's performance last night, I, too, would have asked, "What do I have to do to stop this?"

Anyway, we move on. Here's the announcement and the notes on disco week:

Finalist Matt Giraud was saved from elimination tonight by the AMERICAN IDOL judges after he received the fewest of America’s over 36 million votes. This marks the first time in the eight seasons of IDOL that a finalist has been saved from America’s vote.

Next week, the Top 7 finalists – Kris Allen, Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud, Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert and Lil Rounds – take the stage again Tuesday, April 21 (8:00-9:01 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) to perform songs of the Disco era.

Tune in the following night Wednesday, April 22 (9:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) to find out which two finalists will be sent home. Season Seven runner-up David Archuleta returns to the IDOL stage to perform his new single, “A Little Too Not Over You.” In addition, three Disco icons – Harry Wayne “KC” Casey (of KC and the Sunshine Band), Thelma Houston and Freda Payne – will perform a medley of their hits “Get Down Tonight,” “Don’t Leave Me this Way” and “Band of Gold.”

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