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"American Idol" Results Notes

By admin Published: March 24, 2011

In progress notes, and a summary at the top, after the jump.

Summary: Casey is lowest vote-getter but gets the judges' save. Thia, Casey and Stefano bottom three.

(Based on what I saw of last night, I'd expect Haley to go home. Not good last night, and not apparently popular with the judges. Wouldn't be surprised if it was Naima and I would be pleased if it's Paul.)

Tonight: Marc Anthony gets to show us how unhealthy-looking he is, while advising the contestants and watching the judges' reactions. Disagrees with his wife, Miss Lopez, on some things, to Seacrest's delight. Then the contestants do a group sing/lip-synch of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," followed by Stevie Wonder doing "Signed Sealed and Delivered" to the apparently tremendous surprise of the judges. Contestants act as if they are giving vocal backup, which sounds much more like the show's in-house choir, especially when the backing up continues after the contestants stop. Stevie takes Tyler to church, then goes into "Happy Birthday" for Tyler, who will be 63 on Saturday.

Car video.

Results 1: Scotty, Pia, Lauren. All safe. Although I'm not sure all of Lauren is safe in that dress.

Sugarland performs. Is it just me, or does this sound like something from the Sharon, Lois & Bram catalogue?

Talk about James's wrestling fixation. Naima, after talking about how fake wrestling is, joins in a very contrived-looking mock wrestling match in the contestant house.

Resultage: James and Paul summoned. Told they are "not safe." Enter Hulk Hogan. Who says they are safe. James is in shock over being so close to the Hulkster, who does a fake smackdown of Seacrest. James still awestruck. After the break, James gets a Hulk shirt. I think this is bigger for him than winning "Idol."

Results 3: Jacob, Thia, Stefano. Jacob safe. Thia bottom three. So's Stefano.

R4: Naima, Haley, Casey. Naima is safe. And so is . . . Haley. Casey bottom three. I didn't think he was much last night but as I said above, I thought some other people would be in trouble who are not bottom three.

Seacrest introduces Jennifer Hudson as the only "Idol" winner with an Oscar.
1. There have only been nine "Idol" winners to date, not a big pool to get an Oscar winner from.

Not thrilled with the song, but I do like the way Miss Hudson performs.

George Huff, singing backup for Hudson, gets introduced.

Back to results: Thia safe. I am beginning to wonder if the show has been more excited about Casey than the audience is. And Casey is the lowest vote-getter. Someone's reaction leads to a huge audio drop. Casey sings "I Don't Need No Doctor" for a judges' save. Randy stops him and says, "We know who you are." Tyler calls the vote "crazy wrong" and says they are keeping him. Casey stunned, thanking the judges one by one. More audio drops.

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