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"American Idol" Results Notes

By admin Published: March 31, 2011

Posted after the jump.

Going home are Naima and Thia. No complaints. I mean, I hate Paul, too. But if you read my post last night, you will recall I had a kick-them-off list of Naima, Paul, Thia and Stefano.

And the bottom three: Naima, Paul, Thia.

Naima was getting too weird, in spite of the obviously improved orthodonture, and Thia just wasn't delivering what the show expected. Her inexperience, especially when it comes to emotional expression, was glaring. So see y'all.

Notes from while I waited for a final result: "Idol" has said 55 million votes were cast, a record for this point in a season. Jamie Fox and just did a boring number that included a tribute to the June Taylor Dancers, I think. A band consisting of Paul, Stefano, James and Casey also performed. Tyler says they can open for Aerosmith. He might want to run that past Joe and the other guys.

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