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"American Idol" Results Notes

By admin Published: May 5, 2011

After the jump.

Jacob has been sent home, to the surprise of no one who has been paying attention to the show. Even his walk-off performance last night was bad (and overlong, running into the credits, stretching the show long -- and then being cut off).

He and Lauren were the bottom two.

The announcement of who was going home did the dreaded which-group thing, clustering James and Haley on one side, Lauren and Jacob on the other, then telling Scotty -- after he knew he was safe -- which group to join. Reluctant at first, he went with James and Haley, who were indeed safe as well.

And that followed some interminable promotion: the contestants in TWO "Hell's Kitchen"-themed bits, Jennifer Lopez's SECOND presentation on the show of her single, Jimmy commenting on each contestant during the results segment (and clearly hurting Lauren with his criticism; she teared up then and stayed that way until she knew she was safe.)

Also, a terrible, terrible group sing on "Happy Together."

The main thing of interest in Jimmy's comments was the way he deliberately boosted some contestants -- Haley especially, since he expected she was fourth or fifth going into this week's competition and needed help, which of course Jimmy provided with that Lady Gaga move.

Oh, well. No video chat this week since I will be taking tomorrow off.

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