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"American Idol" Results Show

By admin Published: March 17, 2010

In-progress notes after the jump.

(Summary: Lacey is out. Paige Miles, Lacey Brown and Tim Urban were bottom three. Tim was declared safe, then Paige, then Lacey did a song for a judges' save but did not get it. Wasn't a Lacey fan but would have sent Tim home first.)

Overly dramatized opening. Ryan notes that it's St. Patrick's Day. And where is the acknowledgement of the bride's and my wedding anniversary? Oh, well. Intro of judges. Simon resumes debate over "eyeballing" from Ryan last night. Is not at all playful about it. Ryan brings up judges' save, which is back in force. Ick. David Cook does "Jumping Jack Flash." He is managing to appear as if he has a receding hairline on both the top and bottom of his face. Nor does the performance excite. Fortunately, I played a bunch of Stones in the car today, so I have a fresh recollection of how their songs are SUPPOSED to sound.

"Idol" Ford video. "Tick Tick Boom." Casey did not participate because he had the flu. More Ford hype as they "help" customize.

Actual results. Paige Miles first. And is in the bottom three.

Lee Dewyze. Safe.

Siobhan Magnus. Safe.

Aaron Kelly. Safe.

Andrew Garcia and Tim Urban summoned together. Andrew is safe, Tim bottom three.

Orianthi performs. Ryan calls her a new pioneer. Apparently he has missed a lot of music. This could have been a Rick Springfield song. (Update: Not a knock on the song, which is adequate pop. Just nothing new.) Ryan kills a lot of time chatting with her.

Didi Benami. Safe.

Crystal Bowersox. Safe.

Katie Stevens. Safe.

Big Mike Lynche. Safe.

Casey James and Lacey Brown. That would indicate Lacey's bottom three. And so it is. Casey's safe.

Looking at the bottom three -- Paige, Lacey and Tim -- I would send home Tim but I suspect it's Lacey.

And Tim is declared safe, proving once again that cute gets you far on this show. And he has one of those "I didn't deserve to survive" looks.

Ke$ha performs (that is, lip-synchs) "Blah Blah Blah," which is both the name of the song and what I think of it.

More results. Lacey is the lowest vote getter, Paige is safe and Lacey has to sing for a judges' save. Goes to "The Story," which is one of her more appealing performances, but I don't see the judges saving her, especially not this early. The judges unanimously say no.

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