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"American Idol" Results Show

By admin Published: May 12, 2010

Notes on the dragged-out announcement of the top three ...

Summary: Big Mike Lynche is going home.

Sort of cinematic opening leads until the usual blah-blah from Ryan and the judges.

Fantasia performs. Odd hair. Not interesting song.

Contestants on the stools. Car-commercial music video.

Hype for the homecoming segments via clips from previous seasons. Then chat with the fans of what they'd like during a homecoming. Introduction of the final four's family members onstage.

Ryan says results "in no particular order." Has all four stand up. Talks to Big Mike and Casey first. Big Mike had picked their duet song. Then Ryan talks to Lee and Crystal. Crystal says "Once" is her favorite movie; Lee says he had not watched the movie until Crystal urged him to, and then he loved it.

Casey is safe. Which, alas, means Big Mike is going home.

Daughtry performs, sounding the way Daughtry always does. And Big Mike has to wait for his fate during more filler. Millions, including Mike, figure he is going home but he has to be tortured by this long wait.

After the break, more chat with the three contestants, recapping their performances from Tuesday.

Mike -- "hang tight for a second," Ryan says. And declares Lee safe. This is so mean to Mike. And he's going to have to sit through a Bon Jovi performance, too.

And so, after a break, Bon Jovi performs. OK, not my favorite Bon Jovi song, but somehow reason for Ryan to talk to them and drag out this process even more. Ryan really does believe he's the new Dick Clark, doesn't he?

More break, more dragging-out chatter. Then back to Mike and Crystal. The lights dimmed. The person in top three is ... Crystal. No duh. And farewell, Big Mike. I guess you should have done "Mrs. Robinson." Definitely better than Casey this week.

Mike's "journey" recapped. Sing-off and done -- on time again.

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