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"American Idol": Results Thursday, Picking the Top 12

By admin Published: March 6, 2008

In-progress post during the show. ...

(Out: Kady Malloy, Luke Menard, Danny Noriega -- yay -- and Asia'h Epperson -- alas.)

A few minutes yet before it starts. As you know from my previous posts, if I'm picking, my six guys are David Archuleta, David Hernandez, David Cook, Chikezie, Jason Castro and Michael Johns. From the women I picked Carly Smithson and Brooke White for sure, Kristy Lee Cook, Syesha Mercado with reservations, Asia'h Epperson ditto and Ramiele Malubay, although Ramiele's kind of a coin flip over Kady Malloy. No idea how the actual vote will play out.

And now we've started. With a performance by Blake Lewis. Ho hum. Do you suppose he's ever heard Bobby McFerrin? Aside from the beats/scats, it's kind of ABC-like, only nowhere near as interesting. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why they've put more seasoned professionals into the mix this year. No more having to deal with singles like this.

Ryan says 36 million votes for the men and women. Intro of the judges. Plugging Paula's success on iTunes. Recap of the guys.

Ryan summons David Cook, safe.

David Archuleta. Do we even need to ask? Safe.

Jason Castro, safe.

Break. Women's recap.

Brooke White, safe.

Syesha Mercado. Ryan asks the judges. They all say she should be top 12. Safe.

Kady Malloy. Gone. Tape of her journey. Sing-off.

Ryan says next week's results show will include call-ins from viewers.

David Hernandez. Safe.

Michael Johns. Safe.

Luke Menard. Out. Video recap. Sing-off. (And, by the way, I have decided to ignore any Paula antics tonight.)

Ramiele Malubay. Safe.

Carly Smithson. Safe.

Amanda Overmyer. Safe. Leaves Kristy Lee Cook and Asia'h Epperson. Break.

Epperson is out. Cook stays. Video journey. Paula talks some more. Ryan gives Epperson the option of not doing the sing-off. She does it anyway.

So we're down to Danny Noriega and Chikezie. Danny seems unhappy, or so Ryan claims.
Ryan recaps the judges' opinions. Noriega does his hand gesture again.

Chikezie's safe. Danny's gone.

Ryan asks Randy if America got the top 12 right. Randy says it was a tough call. Video recap.

As you can see above, I was OK with three of the four who were dropped. And very happy that we're spared any more of Noriega. I think his nasty attitude on the show and on YouTube was a major factor in his ouster.

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