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"American Idol" Results Wednesday

By admin Published: May 7, 2008

UPDATE: Next week is a three-song night, with each contestant performing a judges’ choice, producers’ choice and finalist’s choice.

I won't dread telling you who's out. After the jump.

(Jason Castro is out. Let me say yeah. In-progress notes below.)

Ryan says the contestants sang from their heart. All right, first big fib of the evening. Highest vote total of the season: "nearly 51 million votes." And the top three were within one million votes of each other. Which means that whoever is going was a distant fourth. Dare we dream that Castro's reign is over?

Ryan gives Randy a chance to recant his Syesha judgment from the night before. He doesn't but says he talked to Syesha after -- and that he hadn't made her cry; Syesha also said that Paula was much in tune with Syesha. Ryan asks Simon if he was angry last night; Simon says no, but he didn't like song choices.

Group sing, "Reelin' in the Years." Steely Dan. On the rock hall's "500 songs" list.

Tour hype. Recap. It includes Simon's "atrocious" about JC -- AND JC's forgetting words.

David Archuleta gets the first summons. Archuleta stumbles through some comments that Ryan sums up as "you want to be the next American Idol." Ryan quizzes him about his game plan. Archie rambles some more. Finally, he's safe.

Ryan touts the homecoming episode next week. Video footage is out of sync with his comments.

Footage of a Las Vegas field trip, including to see the Cirque du Soleil Beatles-themed show at the Mirage, and to be treated as stars. Gee, that rights deal for Beatles songs covered a lot of promotional tie-ins.

David Cook summoned next. Randy is asked what DC needs to do if he gets to the next round; Randy says he needs to "rock it out, baby." DC admits the vibe was wrong on Tuesday. But he's safe.

Leaves Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado to be tortured onstage. JC actually thinks they're going to be told who's going home now. Ryan explains that it will be after the break.

Video: "Ring of Fire." Viewer call-in questions. First one asks DC for a date when he's on tour in Pittsburgh. Next question asks them what is the biggest challenge the contestants have had to overcome; Ryan narrows the question to make it about the competition. I am going to check sports scores.

Oh, a question from Cleveland -- urging that Simon be the next James Bond. I wish there were more scores to check.

Maroon 5 performs. I'd rather hear "Iran So Far."

"Indiana Jones" trailer. I like the one on the new DVD set, which indicates that the movie will deal with Indy's getting older and slower. It's this one:

Bo Bice performs. Audio drop and freeze. I hope it's just a tech problem. Wouldn't think he'd drop some improper word on the "Idol" stage. Not great, but better than just about anything else I can think of on "Idol" this week. In the chat, Ryan brings up that Bo's wife is pregnant -- but seems to miss what sounds like Bo's attempt to explain that he already has a son.

Results. Ryan brings up again that Jason forgot words -- and Simon's "pack your bags" comment. Ryan asks why it was so tough for JC. He says it may be that his inexperience is coming into play. Ryan asks Syesha about her emotional display; she again says that Paula caught her feeling with the mention of the dream.

Syesha is safe. Jason is out. Finally. And I am out, too.

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