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"American Idol" Shocker

By admin Published: April 7, 2010

After the jump ...

After a night when the judges overpraised young mediocrities to keep the demo alive, Michael Lynche was the lowest vote getter. And survived only on the basis of the judges' save.

Michael Lynche.

Fewer votes than the Turban. Fewer than Katie Stevens. Fewer than Andrew Garcia, who was in the bottom two with Big Mike.

He's kicked ass on "Woman's Work" again when singing for the judges' save. And Simon said the judges wish he had done something like that the night before. But at least they decided to keep him. Anything else would have been a crime.

Of course, this means that next week two people will go. And Mike is going to face the same problem: he's not a young cutie when the judges (and the show) keep lobbying for someone like that to win. They want "blossoming." They want someone "relevant."

Instead, they need to embrace Crystal Bowersox, who is living up to the cliche about being able to sing anything. And Big Mike, who is a flat-out good singer, too. But they have chosen instead to go limp for Aaron and Katie and Tim Urban, give high marks to Casey James's attempt to replicate the softer side of Bo Bice, and fall all over themselves for a Lee Dewyze "Hey Jude" which was brutal to listen to -- and the audience is buying into it.

If Crystal or Big Mike were to win, we'd get a pretty good set of tunes to listen to. I'm not convinced anyone else on the show could deliver right now.

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