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"American Idol": Three Into Two Won't Go

By admin Published: May 14, 2008

In-progress notes after the jump.

(The final will be David vs. David.)

Ryan says 56 million votes cast. Intro of the judges. Ryan warns about Paula's cleavage on a "TV-G show." Group sing: "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now." Which proves to be a good song for David Cook. Backing and harmony vocals sound prerecorded, with live solos.

Car video. "Heaven." Ryan again says 56 million votes "registered" and that it's close.

Recap. Fantasia sings "For Me." Quite red hair. And a lot funkier than anything we've heard from the semifinal three, who clap along politely. Shot catches Simon looking stunned.

Ryan summons David Archuleta. Homecoming footage. He cries. He also says "Gosh" a lot. Back live, DA admits the footage was "so embarrassing." Ryan says it's "a very very close race" and it's possible this is DA's last time. So they show the journey video now. And then go to a break without saying whether Lil' Archie is safe.

Syesha Mercado is brought out. HER homecoming footage. She cries, too. Her journey video ensues.

And on to David Cook. Gets to bring his younger brother onstage. Homecoming video. More evidence that he has gotten much more personable on camera than he appeared at first. And a few tears. In the retracing of his performances, Ryan refers to "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" "by Chaka Khan." Eh? And on to the journey. After the journey video, Ryan corrects the Chaka Khan to Roberta Flack, saying the card he had said Chaka. "Bad research," he adds. Okaaaaay!

Crunch time, as Ryan puts it. He has the judges express their admiration for the semifinal three. Simon says that if it's the final he's hoping for, next week will be a "humdinger."

And it's David A against ... David C. As expected. Syesha sings out with "I Ain't Got You." And we are where things have been heading, seemingly inevitably for weeks.

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