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"American Idol" Top 10 Men

By admin Published: March 4, 2010

I know, I am late getting to this, and the results show is just a couple of hours away. So, after the jump, I am going to check out the performances but skip the judges' comments, and offer my reactions. Then I'll live-post during the results show tonight.

"Big Mike" Lynche. "It's a Man's Man's Man's World," James Brown. Tough song to make something of, especially when the band is as low-key as it is now. Not a terrible performance, but it's also too understated -- even when he's trying to be intense. Kind of a Disney-version James? C.

John Park. Bad choice of shirt -- looks sloppy instead of fashionably sloppy. "Gravity," John Mayer. So slooowwwwwww, with rocky spots, especially when he goes high. I'm bored, too, even when he tries to engage me -- and he gets more tuneless when he tries to. C minus.

Casey James. Gavin DeGraw, "I Don't Wanna Be." Guitar. I have no feeling for this performance at all. It's just ... there. If I had watched this show Tuesday night, I might have been asleep by now. More guitar. Not as bold a move as Crystal's harmonica playing, and nothing that interests me there, either. C.

Alex Lambert. More guitar, but acoustic. "Everybody Knows," John Legend. Wow, the jacket; did 1962 come back when I wasn't looking? I'm not quite waking up, and there are points when his voice really bothers me, but I've heard worse. In fact, I've heard worse tonight. Still pretty bland, though C/C plus.

I have to say, I am struggling not to fast-forward through the ends of performances because they don't really seem to go anywhere, or build to anything. Of course, we saw with Siobhan Magnus that there could be a surprise late in, and I do hold on, but it's not easy.

Todrick Hall. Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It." Another slooowwww one. Might have worked, at least in the later going, if he was a more dramatic singer. But there are limits to what he can do, and the pace of this makes me feel as if he couldn't hit all the notes without doing it slowly. Not that these notes are all that hard to hit. C.

Do I really have to get through five more performances? Mercy.

Well, maybe I'd feel better if I rocked my onesie, like Jermaine Sellers. Marvin Gaye, "What's Going On." Tired choice. He is trying to do something different with it, I think, which is to take all the intensity and drama out of it and leave -- what? A so-so vocal, and no mastery of the Marvin note. And ends in a way that calls for a tinkling of piano keys, a whispered "thank you," and a quick segue into "Misty." C.

Andrew Garcia. "You Give Me Something," James Morrison. I am liking his voice more as we go along, but only as something to play in the background, say, while I'm checking Facebook. Which I did. C plus, but only because I am tired of giving plain C's.

Aaron Kelly. "My Girl." Depressed just on song choice. And more with his attempted soul-country start. He's trying but come on, this song? What a wretched plea to older viewers. "See, I'm cute, and I like your music collection!" But not a good singer, and his falsetto's hideous. C minus.

Tim Urban. "Come On Get High," Matt Nathanson. The Brady Bunch haircut alone is enough to make me want to fast-forward; sings kind of like a Brady, too -- pronounces well. OK, there's a note near the end that's not terrible. C plus-ish.

Lee Dewyze to close. Hinder's "Lips of an Angel." It's not ground-breaking but it's OK. Well, until he gets to the chorus, where he's clearly unable to do what he's trying. But I have been worn down by all the indifferent performances before him, so I'll -- no, I won't. C. And done.

What a night of tedium. And one that, consideringthat at least some of the women are interesting, underscores the problem with the gender-lsplit set-up at this stage; there's a fair chance at least one woman will go home who is better than surviving men. I'm glad to have gotten through, and in less than an hour at that.

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