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"American Idol" Top 10 Results

By admin Published: March 31, 2010

Live notes after the jump.

(Didi lowest vote-getter, goes for the judges' save, does not get it, going home. Katie, Tim and Didi are bottom three, but Katie was declared safe, then Turban.)

I have not seen the performances yet so I'll just describe what's happening without any commentary on injustice. Yet.

Gimmicky bit using the big monster from "Clash of the Titans" as Cowell. Ruben Studdard performs -- and sounds worse than he did in his "Idol" heyday. Chatter with Ryan. Break.

Music video. "Kung Fu Fighting."

Chatter with Big Mike, Crystal, Andrew. Then with Andrew's mom. More "Clash" hype, with a clip of the cast at the London premiere.

Lee Dewyze is summoned. Long, rambling chat with another endorsement for Lee by Simon. Safe.

Casey James. Another rambly chat. Safe.

Aaron Kelly. More chat. Exasperated Simon says "this is not the Oprah Winfrey show." And the padding is more agonizing than usual. Kara tries to be clever -- with a wheezy jab at Simon. Randy interjects. This is awful. But Aaron is safe.

Siobhan Magnus and Katie Stevens. Katie looks as if she's been taking expressiveness lessons from Kate Gosselin. Unhappy in a bratty way. Blah blah blah. Katie's bottom three, Siobhan safe.

Next week: The Lennon-McCartney songbook.
Justin Bieber in the audience, to set up Usher's performance. Which ensues. Not enthralled. Will.I.Am steps in. Still not enthralled.

After a break, Didi Benami. Bottom three.

Michael Lynche. After a brief Ryan fakeout, safe. Mike lifts Ryan high in the air as payback.

Crystal Bowersox, safe.

Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia. Tim is given a chance to be hubristic. And is bottom three, while Andrew is safe.

Katie is immediately saved.

After a break, Didi looks as if she feels doomed. Diddy performs, recycling the Usher staircase. And, I think, his lip-synching. Ho hum.

Lowest vote-getter: Didi. TUrban survives again. Didi does "Rhiannon," in wobbly fashion, for her judges' save song. Judges discuss, somewhat merrily. No evident intensity, so they don't appear to have needed much discussion of their decision. Which is ... as Simon hesitates and the crowd begins chanting her name .. they're not saving her. Although Simon says her "Rhiannon" was a million times better than what she did last night.

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