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"American Idol" Top 11 Results

By admin Published: March 24, 2010

In-progress notes after the jump.

(Summary: Paige Miles is lowest vote-getter and the judges don't even make her sing before saying she's not going to be saved. Bottom three were Paige, Tim Urban and Katie Stevens.)

The group lip-synch is "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go," and it makes me drowsy.

Ford music video. "Our Time Now." Drowsier.

Ryan gets Casey to talk about how he messed up his song during rehearsal. He notes Siobhan's boss is in the audience and will not shave until she wins; and she has friends in gory makeup, known as "Sio-zombies." Katie talks about her father can't watch the results show and is elsewhere getting the results without watching. And there's footage of Big Mike babysitting, with Ryan explaining that he has to sleep apart from his family. And on this goes.

And now some results.

Siobhan Magnus, sort of promising not to scream, and safe.

Lee Dewyze and Casey James.

Then, before offering a result, he calls on Tim Urban and Paige Miles.

Paige and Tim are bottom three. Lee and Casey are still standing as we go into a break.

Next week's theme: R&B/soul, with Usher as mentor. Miley Cyrus performs "When I Look at You." I hope they let Casey and Lee sit down. Apparently they did, since Miley, her piano, accompanying musicians and smoke machines have taken over the entire stage. And her daddy's in the audience. Miley claims she's getting her first standing ovation; I've seen enough video of her to know better. Chatter with Ryan about how fab the contestants are, and her love of Tim's knee slide. And how Miley would never have wanted to be an "Idol" contestant.

Lee and Casey are finally declared safe.

Aaron Kelly, safe.

Didi Benami, who admits that the judges' comments have been confusing her, followed by lots of confusing comments from judges, some of which she cannot even hear. And she's safe.

Big Mike Lynche, safe.

Crystal Bowersox, do we even have to wait for the announcement? Safe.

Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia together. Much discussion. Andrew safe, Katie bottom three. I am surprised. Would have thought Andrew. But Katie almost immediately gets declared safe.

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato perform "Make a Way," which Ryan considers inspirational. He has also called Huey Lewis's "Power of Love" an anthem, and Orianthi a pioneer. Then again, this is a string of pop-anthem cliches, so I'll give him this one.

Paige gets the lowest vote. The judges decline to save her and don't make her sing for her salvation, so she's done. And so am I.

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