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"American Idol" Top 12 Results

By admin Published: March 17, 2011

Summary and in-progress notes after the jump.

(Summary: Karen is out. Haley, Naima and Karen were bottom three.)

Written while watching:

So far I have endured the group sing, the car-commercial video, the promotion of the anniversary CD and a lot of really pointless clips of the contestants trying to be endearing. And some St. Patrick's lighting.

Jacob, Casey, Lauren summoned. Jacob safe. Lauren safe. Casey. Did America really hate that Nirvana cover enough to put him bottom three? Gosh, there's a lot of pointless chatter with the judges. No, he's safe, too.

Haley and Paul summoned. Haley bottom three. Paul safe.

Lee DeWyze performs. Am fast-forwarding. Lee is asked to advise the contestants. Fast-forwarding. And commercials. And caught up.

Scotty, Pia and James. Scotty safe. Pia safe. More chatter. James safe.

Stefano and Naima. I am figuring he's safe, she's bottom three. And so it is.

Karen and Thia. Would think Karen's bottom three, Thia safe. Yup.

Black-Eyed Peas perform. A song about love and strength dedicated to their friends in Japan. Fergie has St. Patrick's nails with a Marilynesque dress. So far only Fergie and will performing, with a string section. Nothing here I'd download. Oh, there's Taboo. And the last guy appeared sometime. This is very "SNL" in its way. Going uptempo. How freakin' long is this song? And people thought the Super Bowl performance was bad!

After another commercial and 53 minutes, Ryan says we are at the critical moment. I would think Naima is going home. But no! She's safe. Karen then? Yup. Has to appeal for the judges' save. Performs "Hero." I don't see them saving her. Just not that strong a performer. She has one or two good parts in "Hero," but the audience can get just about the same thing from Pia any week. Ryan kills time chatting with Karen while the judges supposedly confer, even though they were during her performance. She says she knows she can do so much better. Tears. Randy gives verdict: not unanimous, not using the save.

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