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"American Idol" Top 13 Results

By admin Published: March 11, 2009

Well, the twist is called a "judges save," and it means the judges can overrule the viewer vote once ...

(Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez go home.)

I am behind a bit because of some technical problems, but they explained the "save" at the beginning of the show; the judges have to be unanimous on a save, they can only use it once during the season, and, if they use it one week to save the lowest vote-getter, then two people have to be voted off next week.

Results so far: Jasmine Murray has been sent home, and the judges decided not to save her. Safe so far are Michael Sarver, Allison Iraheta, Matt Giraud, Kris Allen and Megan Joy (Corkrey).

Getting back to this vote during a break, the show rationalized it by noting that contestants like Tamyra Gray, Michael Johns (??), Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson went home sooner than they deserved. And it took them eight years to realize there's a problem with that?

This is more like a small country's junta promising free elections -- until he doesn't like the results, so the junta seizes control again. And it devalues every speed-dialing fan out there.

Kanye sings. Break.

The duh portion of the results: Scott MacIntyre, safe; Alexis Grace, safe; Danny Gokey, safe.

'Noop! is sent to the center of the stage.

Adam Lambert, safe. Jorge Nunez and Lil Rounds are asked to rise. Jorge goes to center stage, Lil is safe. And a break. And probably a long pause since Kelly Clarkson is set to perform.

After the break, Clarkson. Ryan says they're bringing back a former Idol to sing every week. I guess that's part of the overhaul: haul out the old laurels. She sings "My Life Would Suck Without You." I like her, the song's OK. But I remember when one of my colleagues stormed the network battlements over a TV show having a character say "You suck." The show: "Uncle Buck." The year: 1990. Things change. I should say that my life does not suck without that show.

Final results: Anoop Desai is safe and the judges deliberate Jorge's fate while he sings. And sings in a way that removes any chance of his being saved. Although Paula is dancing and it looks as if Kara is singing along. But Simon tersely says he's not getting saved.

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