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"American Idol" Top 13 Results

By admin Published: March 10, 2011

A few notes after the jump.

Short version: Ashthon is out.

The notes before and after that are below.

This has not been the kind of week where I had the energy or desire to sit through an entire results show. So I watched "Big Bang Theory" (funny, although I could do without Leonard's romantic crises) and have checked in a bit on "Idol."

What I know: The bottom three is Ashthon, Haley and Karen. Haley is the one of those three that makes the most sense to me. And any bottom three without Paul is ridiculous.

Casey Abrams is not on hand. Ryan has said he is in the hospital. Again? (Later found this news story.)
And Karen, we now know, is safe. Would take out Haley, because she was awful. But Ashton was not a viewer favorite in top 24, so I suspect she has a smaller voting base. I would guess Ashthon.

And I am right. But not pleased. She could get a judges' save, but I would be surprised to see them use the one save this early in a season, particularly for someone who has twice been on the verge of elimination. She does her Diana Ross thing again. And, as with so many please-save-me performances, considering the emotional burden, is not as good as she was last night. I take that partly back: She got better near the end.

But no save. Ho hum. Malcolm and I will be discussing this tomorrow.

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