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"American Idol" Top 20 Results

By admin Published: March 4, 2010

Notes as the show airs after the jump ...

(Summary: John Park, Jermaine Sellers, Haeley Vaughn and Michelle Delamor are going home. One of my colleagues has noted that all four are ethnic minorities but let's not make too much of that, even though I might not have knocked out that specific four. Other people of color, including Andrew Garcia and Paige Miles, survive, and had Paige the top vote-getter among women.)

27 million votes. Simon says that, on replay, one contestant was so bad that he had to turn the TV off -- even though she was complimented during the show itself. One more demonstration of how little the judges hear during the show itself.

Group sing: "I Got a Feelin'." Ugh. So Radio Disney.

Guys first.

Tim Urban: safe.

Todrick Hall ... gets paused as Ryan brings in Michael Lynche. Big Mike is safe.

Casey James, while Todrick is still hung up. Casey is safe.

John Park, and Todrick STILL hanging. Ryan asks Randy what has happened with these two, since one is going home. And gone is ... John Park. Todrick is safe.

More men.

Lee Dewyze: safe.

Aaron Kelly: safe.

Alex Lambert: safe.

Down to Jermaine Sellers and Andrew Garcia. I would think Andrew is safe, Jermaine going home. And that's what it is. But the camera goes to Andrew's family -- when Park's ouster had the camera on his family. Jermaine leaves without apology for how he sings.

Danny Gokey performs. Not interesting. And, frankly, I don't want to hear "age ain't nothin' but a number" from someone who is 29. But he is so jazzed after the song -- can't stop talking, rolling over everyone else's comments.

Women summoned.

Lilly Scott: safe.

Paige Miles: safe.

Katie Stevens: safe.

Didi Benami and Michelle Delamor face the music together. I'd say Didi's going home. Ryan asks Kara who's going, and she says that when she rewatched the performances, Michelle wasn't great. (But I have long suspected the judge sknow the results before the telecast begins.) Didi's twisting her face up. But Didi's safe, Michelle's gone.

Last batch of women.

Katelyn Epperly: safe.

Ohio's own Crystal Bowersox: safe.

Siobhan Magnus: safe.

Haeley Vaughn and Lacey Brown for the last slot. Guessing Lacey's gone. Ryan asks Simon if one deserves a second chance; Simon says it's obvious who is going home. And that's Haeley. Am mildly surprised. But not concerned.

Tomorrow afternoon, Malcolm X Abram and I will be doing our weekly "Idol" video. Look for it on tomorrow evening.

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