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"American Idol" Top 7 Results

By admin Published: April 21, 2011

In-progress notes after the jump.

Summary: Stefano done. Haley, Stefano and Jacob bottom three.

Not a Stefano fan but Haley's continuing safety bums me immeasurably. I'd say it makes me angry, but she might not understand what I mean.

Notes as I watch:

Usual intro stuff. Ryan hypes. Top 7 enters. 52 million votes, says Ryan. He calls it insane. But they've supposely had more for a telecast this season. Ryan touts Katy Perry, David Cook performances, then asks Randy what he thinks will happen tonight. Randy does not know. Jennifer hopes it is "not a girl." Ryan asks Tyler if he will behave tonight; Tyler promises to give the editor something to worry about.

Haley, Lauren, Stefano and Jacob perform "Hey Soul Sister." Badly. And interminably.

Ford video.

Casey, Scotty and James perform Coldplay's "Viva La Vida." In a big easy-listening way. Akk.

Ryan lets Jacob talk about diva issue, Scotty about back home (and desert), Casey about a painting from a fan. Then some results.

Casey, Jacob stand. Casey safe. Jacob bottom three.

David Cook performs. I am unmoved. Ryan lets him plug profusely. Cook also introduces his mom to Tyler. Am once again reminded how much better it is to prerecord "Idol" and fast-forward.

Top 7 goes to a Dodger game, where the owner asks them for spare change and if they have an in with Bud Selig. (I hope I'm kidding.) Then bowling, spa treatment. Am once again reminded ...

James, Lauren, Stefano. Have to think Stefano is B3, others safe. And so it is.

Scotty and Haley. Both not good last night, but I'd put Haley B3 if only because she doesn't know how to sing with anger. And Scotty is safe, Haley B3.

Ryan immediately tells Haley she is safe. Alas.

Katy Perry performs. Eventually. Sort of. Major lip-synch. Tacky staging, boring song. Lots of Kanye wrapped around KP's work.

Ryan backstage with Jacob and Stefano. Both get to seem philosophical. I would much prefer one or both
screaming, "PLEASE GOD! TAKE THE OTHER GUY!!" Instead, a break.

Ryan asks Jennifer what he thinks of those two being in trouble. Jennifer says nice things about them, notes they are both on the tour and says she would hate for them to go. Things we wish for: Ryan asking whom she would send instead.

Stefano is out. One week after outlasting Pia, by the way.

Journey video, final conversation, sings "Lately" for his farewell. Other contestants try very hard to look disappointed that he's going, not all convincingly. This is not "Acting Idol." Only James looks really bereft, and rushes out to hug Stefano as he is finishing his song.

And farewell here.

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