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"American Idol" Tuesday (With Update)

By admin Published: February 6, 2007

San Antonio, and some guy who thinks he sounds like Billy Idol and Ozzy, after the jump ...

Idol/Ozzy guy in fact shouts more than he sings, and is a quick reject. Ryan asks him to sing "Beauty & The Beast" outside. No better.

(Since I joined here a bit late, I haven't yet mentioned that the crowd song was the theme from "Rawhide." Does no one know "San Antonio Rose" anymore?)

Next: Haley Scarnato, 24, of San Antonio. Good-looking and not the worst singer on "I Can't Make You Love Me." Seems a Hollywood shoo-in. Simon thinks she's OK but "a bit cabaret," and gives her Hollywood. Ditto Paula and Randy.

Commercial, so this warning: Online seems a bit balky tonight. So if I vanish, it's technical difficulties.

Another commercial, so let me mention the attempt to find a naughty incident in Prince's halftime show at the Super Bowl -- and say that the people trying to create it are looking for things where there aren't any. Some folks just want to find trouble in the post-Janet era. But Janet's action was unambiguous and ... oh, the show is back!

Singer in what looks like a hand-lettered "Peace/Pure Love" shirt. She supposedly sings in a choir, but it must be the way Barney Fife soloed in that show on "Andy Griffith." The judges are saying no, the singer calls them rude. Randy says "it wasn't good.'' She says she's never heard of Randy before "AI." Tears outside. More trashing of the judges. Ryan: "Those are my friends. Two of them."

Small-town girl with a mom who looks young enough to be a contestant herself. Bailey Brown, 16, of Krum, Texas, doing Faith Hill's "Stronger." I like her tone. And very "Idol"-moldable, I suspect. She also gets stronger as she goes along. Simon says she's "born to be a pop star." Hello, Hollywood.

Another commercial: So ... Janet was unambiguous and the reaction immediate, while there's a lobbying effort to declare Prince inappropriate. Waste of time and energy, and I don't care how many freeze-frames and blogs try to proclaim otherwise.

Back to the show. A very slow bit about trouble with the doors to the audition room. Didn't we see this before? In fact, its a blend, since we're seeing different doors. It was sort of amusing earlier in the season. Now, filler.

Two cousins, roommates, one who considers himself Bruce Banner, the other the Incredible Hulk. The Hulk does an "Amazing Grace" that has Paula and Randy laughing. Gee, Paula, isn't he beautiful in his own way? No Hollywood. Fakes an angry reaction for the crowd outside.

The other cousin, Akron Watson, 23, of Dallas. "A Change Is Gonna Come." Not very good either. Simon was bored. Paula urges him not to bore Simon. He tries "Let's Get It On." He gets Hollywood. Must make a note to ask the bosses if being named Akron counts as a local connection. (UPDATE: reports that Watson has been dumped. See the full story.)

Commercial: Hey, it's the talking Taco Bell lions!

Sequence of spectacularly bad singers. Extra air time for one singing "Vogue." More extended bit on one who does an incomprehensible "Black Velvet." Cries when rejected. Leads into Ryan's reference to "San An-Tone-Deaf."

Relief comes from Ashlyn Carr, 18, Sugarland, Texas. Beaten up in high school by "this big girl." Knows the work of Nina Simone and Michael Buble. Great smile, even if it doesn't go with the song. I'd send her to Hollywood. Randy is "a little confused." Paula says she needs to watch herself perform. Randy says no. Paula likewise. Simon says he would have said yes. Lots o'tears.

Simon says they made a mistake. Randy says bring her back, and they do. And it's a cliffhanger -- her second try held until AFTER THE BREAK. Simon says choose a song the judges know. She picks "Inseparable." To me, not as good as the first time. Simon says she has some bad habits but that "there's something about you ... too good to pass up." Randy says yes this time. Paula ditto. Simon likewise. She gets Hollywood.

Time for a semi-scary guy. Not Hollywood. Bleep-fest. Another ad break, then Jimmy McNeal, 23, of Waxahachie, who says he's singing "Cupid" -- then gets to it via "Another Saturday Night." They must love Sam Cooke in San Antonio. And why not? Simon calls him "a little fun Ruben." Paula offers a little hand jive. Hollywood is on McNeal's itinerary.

End of San Antonio. Tomorrow: A roundup of stray auditions, "best of the rest" and "worst of the worst."

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