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An Update from the "Nobody's Watching" Folks

By admin Published: January 17, 2007

If you're looking for the latest "American Idol" post, scroll down a bit. As for this one, because I've written about ''Nobody's Watching,'' the folks from the show have sent me regular e-mails about their projects, new YouTube posts and the like. This arrived yesterday:

Good news!!! We've been told "Nobody's Watching" has been picked up for a half-hour LIVE primetime special in March!! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, things have always been a little unclear with our show, but hopefully Kevin will provide more details tomorrow at the TCA's (are you there?), Thanks for all your support, Rich. We promise we'll make you proud!

For those of you tuning in late, Kevin is the head of entertainment programming at NBC and TCA is the Television Critics Association, which is in the midst of its January press tour. Kevin did indeed make some announcements today, some of which are posted below. But I didn't get a release about ''Nobody's Watching,'' so I sent this note back to the guys:

Didn't get to go to TCA this January but have been watching the NBC releases and haven't seen one on you guys today. No love from the network?

Generating this reply:

I'm sorry, did you say "love from the network"? No Rich, there will never be love from this network. We basically forced them to pick us up. No, no love we're afraid until we get on and kick ass. But we heard it from Kevin's mouth, we have a budget, we have a sound stage. The only thing we don't have is any idea of what the hell we're actually going to do during this live half hour, but hey, we have eight weeks weeks to figure that out. Anyway, we were planning on thanking you for our support by bringing you a plate of jalapeno poppers at the NBC party tonight (which, yes, we've actually been invited to). We would ship them, but they probably won't travel well...

I'll miss the poppers, but I'm missing ''Nobody's Watching'' more. Could we get it on the air?

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