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Anchor Bay Returns Obscure '93 Sandra Bullock Film to DVD; Adds Blu-ray

By admin Published: October 22, 2010

I saw this listed on as having been released on VHS and DVD as recently as five years ago, so decide for yourself what "long unavailable" means. Anyway, The official word: Produced by Academy-Award® winning film legend Roger Corman and boasting a cast headed by Academy-Award® winner Sandra Bullock, Fire On The Amazon is an epic story of courage and emotion, centered around the fierce battle for possession of one of the most mysterious, dangerous and beautiful places on Earth – the Amazon jungle. Long unavailable and even more relevant now than when it was first released in 1993, Fire On The Amazon returns to DVD in the unrated version and premieres on high-definition Blu-ray™ from Anchor Bay Entertainment on January 18, 2011. SRP is $14.98 for the DVD, and $17.99 for the Blu-ray. Pre-book is December 22.

In Bolivia’s Amazon basin, massive deforestation and industrial greed threatens to destroy the lush jungle. When a well-known environmental activist begins to investigate this impending disaster, he is assassinated. American photojournalist R.J. (Craig Sheffer, Nightbreed, “One Tree Hill”, “Psych”), and the activist’s assistant Alyssa Rothman (Bullock, The Blind Side, Speed) join forces to find out who committed this crime, and will find themselves falling in love…and into danger.

Directed by Luis Llosa (Anaconda, The Specialist) and co-starring Juan Fernandez (Crocodile Dundee II, The Collector) and Judith Chapman (The Sweetest Thing, “The Young and the Restless,”), Fire On The Amazon is a sultry and passionate adventure played against the ferocious beauty of the Amazon. Who will be saved? Will any more die? How far will R.J. and Alyssa go to save the jungle…and themselves?

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