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By RD Heldenfels Published: February 5, 2006

''Mission Impossible 3'' ad. Insert your own goofy-Tom-Cruise joke here.

I know there's a lot of football left. Still, if you're ABC and this is your last NFL game for the foreseeable future, wouldn't you want a better one than this?

I hate seeing the Muppets sell things.

Wouldn't you liked to have seen a picture of the Seattle player hiding behind towels to get his groin taped -- instead of just a description of it? I'll bet some of you would have liked to see it without towels.

When Michaels starts telling stories about the referee, you know the game isn't thrilling anyone.

Roethlisberger makes a big pass to the three-yard-line. Suggested Stones song: ''Down the Road Apiece.''

The new Go Daddy ad. A blog reader suggested a link where I could have found it (and other Super Bowl ads) online. Every time I went there, the computer jammed. Now I can see I wasn't missing much.

''Poseidon'' ad. I saw the TV remake. No rush to watch the big-screen one. especially not after that ad.

Please, please tell me we have seen that ''Desperate Housewives'' ad for the last time.

Good angle on the replay of Roethlisberger's attempted touchdown. Michaels momentarily muffs the announcement -- thinking Holmgren has to challenge, then correcting himself to say it's up to the replay official. Now we're getting a slow-mo replay. I don't think he made it. But my opinion matters zip.

Ooh, a stat on the percentage of overturned calls. Especially useful given that this call stands.

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