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Another Book Idea I Should Have Had

By admin Published: April 29, 2010

From today's e-mail, word about "Mr. Ed Dead: And Other Obituaries of the Most Famous People Who Never Lived" by Barry Nelson and Tom Schecker. Quoth the release:

Mr. Ed: Dead recounts, in laugh-out-loud detail, the lives and deaths of hundreds of illustrious characters, including dozens of beloved TV and movie characters. They had a fictional life, and, darn it, they deserve an equally creative death:

Mary Poppins, 70, Governess, Counselor, RAF Colonel

Lead Singer for Chipmunks Found Dead in Hotel Room – Front Man Alvin Had History of Addiction: Hotel Bed Covered with Acorns

News Producer Killed by Enraged Boss – Mary Richards Bludgeoned with Daytime Emmy Trophy by Exasperated News Director

Extinction Claims Barney, the Purple Dinosaur

Steven Aloysius Urkel, 44, Doctors: Hiked-up Pants Contribute to Untimely Death

Butt-Head Dead at 19: Killed by Popular Demand

Man Dies Attempting to Steal Cable Signal from Neighbor: Al Bundy Dead at 60

Mr. Ed: Dead writes the final episode of our favorite TV shows, answering such questions as, “Should a bionic couple ever frolic in a jacuzzi?” and “What was the Flying Nun doing over D.C. airspace?”. Plus a final TV Guide listing for My Three Sons (page 19)!

Fully illustrated and presented in scrapbook form, Mr. Ed: Dead blends obits with news stories, classified ads and police reports. The book unearths long lost diaries, medical histories and product recalls, often using the fictional world to satirize real-life people and events.

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