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Another Product: Burp Armor

By admin Published: April 16, 2008

Burp Armor

I know I'm venturing afield from movies, TV, music and other standard topics here. But if we're talking about popular culture, how could we not include the Pope's Cologne or -- this is really its name -- Burp Armor. If for no other reason than knowing that its trim is in these colors: Creamsicle, Stitch, Creamsicle Stripe, Chocolate Stitch, Honeydew Stitch, Honeydew Stripe, Snow cone Stitch, Candy Stripe, and Candy Stitch. And I loved the press release, for so many terrible reasons, and the fact that an elaborate burp cloth can cost at least $25. It is so very Yuppie. The release is after the jump.

Today, Burp Armor announces it is setting higher standards, going where no other infant burp cloth has gone before. While the colors and fabrics of burp cloths have evolved over time, the shape, until now, has always remained the same old rectangle. Burp Armor recently released the only burp cloth in the country that is both fashionably beautiful and ergonomically designed. Its innovative kidney bean shape and shoulder flap design completely covers a parent's shoulder and upper arm from spit-up, dribble, slobber, and messy feedings.

"The idea came to me very late one night after an especially 'soggy' feeding with my newborn son. I was tired of changing my shirt as often as our newborn ate. I knew I wasn't the only parent who could use a more comfortable, durable, and practical burp cloth that stayed put. The next morning I started sketching ideas," says Burp Armor Co-Founder Mike Barclay.

Aside from being uniquely functional and stylish, Burp Armor went a step further to create a cloth that comforts the many parents who want products made in the U.S. with eco-friendly fabrics, free from herbicides, pesticides, and cytotoxins that may be harmful for babies.

Each Burp Armor is created with two layers of certified organic cotton and hemp fleece. A third layer of organic cotton and hemp corduroy is attached to the bottom of the garment giving it stay-put traction. The combination of fabrics and layers helps it stay in place and makes it 3 times more absorbent than the average burp cloth.

"Up until now, burp cloths have only been looked at as a small, thin layer of protection between parent and child. Today calls for a solution that actually functions to suit the action of burping. Burp Armor is as much for parents as it is for babies. It's functional, stylish, and environmentally friendly. Plus it's designed to become a child's 'lovey' or 'blankie' long after the last feeding," says Burp Armor Co-Founder Kristin Barclay.
Burp Armor is available starting at $25.00 in eight stain-resistant colors: Creamsicle, Stitch, Creamsicle Stripe, Chocolate Stitch, Honeydew Stitch, Honeydew Stripe, Snow cone Stitch, Candy Stripe, and Candy Stitch. The cloths are pre-washed in organic soap and emulate the soft, plush absorbency of cloth diapers.
A portion of all proceeds from Burp Armor is donated to Children's Hospital Boston, one of the nation's top hospitals specializing in pediatric care (

About Burp Armor
Burp Armor was founded by parents Mike and Kristin Barclay. Through their two young children, they have experienced the messiness of burping, losing many shirts to the spit-up, vomit, dribbles and drools. That is what inspired Mike to invent a burp cloth that would simply stay on his shoulder. Once he started the process, they both realized the importance to create an eco-friendly product. Mike, who is a dean of students for a private high school by day, and Kristin, who works in merchandising, are looking to make Burp Armor an appreciated brand in the baby space, creating a more extensive line of innovative products for parents everywhere.

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