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Another Road Trip

By admin Published: December 5, 2009

The bride and I have been traveling on family business since Wednesday night, so I have some things to catch up on in the next few days. Will try to post on Sunday.

We did get back in time to see the Akron-Tulsa NCAA Elite Eight game won by Akron, 1-0. Although we had tickets, we also had a serious case of weariness, and it appeared to be pretty cold, so I hooked up the computer to the TV and we watched the webcast from the comfort of our sitting room. Decent view -- the camera operator wisely chose just to follow the ball -- and the audio was the local radio broadcast, with Steve French as the main announcer; but it was a straight feed from the game, so we also heard a good bit of the chatter in the broadcast booth during commercial breaks. Were unconcerned, though, since our main interest was in the game -- far from the best played by Akron, and not even close to its domination of Stanford a week ago. This time the team seemed in constant peril in the second half, although it survived, thanks in the main to some terrific goalkeeping.

But we are already muttering about Akron getting jobbed by the national soccer powers. Last year it was UA's being deprived of home-field advantage for dubious reasons; this year the team travels to a Final Four in NC where local rooters (with multiple ACC teams in the FF) have already gobbled up most of the tickets, ensuring that Akron will have a small cheering section at the games. Just another demonstration of how much US college soccer as an institution resents Akron.

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